7 Customer Success Integrations That Let You Focus on Retention

It’s thought that a high-touch approach to customer success does not scale.

Here are the common objections:

  • There aren’t enough hours in the day to personally oversee 10,000 users.
  • Even if there were enough hours in the day, there aren’t enough of us to do it and still be profitable.
  • Even if there were enough of us, there’d be no way to keep track of it all effectively.

Zapier, a SaaS middleman for app integration, thinks differently.

The idea is simple: connect your SaaS app to Zapier, and Zapier will connect it to over 1,000 apps. The formula is one programmers will be intimately familiar with since it’s basically an if/then statement. For example: if a user submits a Zendesk ticket, then post the ticket to a Slack channel.

Apps can create actions and triggers, controlling each other and automating frustrating admin work behind the scenes so you don’t have to bother with it.

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Announcing Process Street + Yammer Integration!

Yammerand Process Street

What is Yammer?

Yammer could be described as Facebook for enterprises. It’s an enterprise social network that supports a range of integrated apps to combine the usual company and team group emails into one easily scannable feed.

It has a main ‘public’ feed that could be compared to the office water cooler, as well as invite-only groups for departmental discussions and idea sharing (football banter and posting silly gifs).

Even though some companies have offices in different countries, Yammer breaks these boundaries and promotes collaboration between teams, departments and branches, inviting comments, likes and other familiar social features.

Part of the idea behind the ‘public’ nature of Yammer is accountability. No one can say they didn’t get the email or didn’t hear about the meeting if it was published openly on the company Yammer. The same goes for Process Street checklists, because now activity is pushed directly to the Yammer feed for all to see and interact with.

Yammer now has over 14,000,000 users from more than 300,000 enterprises and is establishing itself as a home for open communication by promoting ‘working out loud‘.

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