The Process Street Blog: Our Greatest Business Blog Posts (Ever!)

business blog

For over half a decade now, the team at Process Street has been creating stellar content so that businesses around the world can become the best they can be.

In terms of numbers, that’s nearly 1,000 on-site business blog posts we’ve published!

Considering this vast swathe of content, there may be a few times where, if you’re a veteran reader, you’ve missed posts that would’ve been high-value resources for your business.

Similarly, if you’re a new visitor (welcome, by the way! 👋) you may not be sure where to get started.

That’s why we’ve created this roundup post of our greatest business blog posts. To boot, the posts have been categorized into separate sections so you can find relevant content quickly:

Now, let’s learn a thing or two. 📚

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Business Writing Tips: How to Write Processes for Human Beings

Business Writing Tips

How to be a clear, engaging writer

Humans are bad at getting rid of things. Whether that’s possessions, habits or words, humans are stubborn maximalists at heart, which is why we need to write the way our brain works when taking in new information; it skims, absorbs snippets and pieces them together.

Writing is a skill of minimalism. Your first draft will be terrible, your second draft will be awkward, and your third draft won’t be much good either. Every time you redraft, you’ll find yourself cutting information and thinking ‘does that really need to be in there?’.

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