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Who resolved to read more this year? ✋

Who actually has? 🙈

Let’s be honest: you’re never actually going to make it through that folder of bookmarked articles you’ve been collecting since last year. Hey – not judging. I’ve been cultivating my own To Be Read monolith for months.

So what’s the deal? How do you catch up with all those industry insights, actionable advice articles, and entrepreneurial retrospectives when there never seems to be any time to, y’know, read?

Simple: let us read them for you.

Introducing Tech Out Loud – the coolest podcast around bringing those must-read articles directly into your waiting ears.
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What Drives the Entrepreneurial Spirit? Philosophy for Modern Leaders

What Drives the Entrepreneurial Spirit Philosophy for Modern LeadersWhen I first heard the phrase “entrepreneurial spirit,” I laughed. Scoffed, actually.

I pictured zen-like self-help gurus in yoga pants up on a mountain retreat à la Topher Grace’s Black Mirror tech genius encouraging his followers to embrace their culturally-appropriated spirit animals and open their chakras for more fulfilling hostile takeovers.

Or Jared Leto.

Entrepreneurial Spirit: Topher Grace, Black Mirror

“Does anyone even say that?” I asked Adam, my editor, during our 1:1.

“It’s an interesting concept,” he said. “I think you should explore it.”

Dubiously, I set off to find out what this entrepreneurial spirit thing was all about.

Naturally, Adam was right.

Not only did I discover it’s definitely not as mystical as it sounds, but it draws heavily on some very ancient philosophy, and makes sense for both the personal and the professional.

I’ll walk you through what I learned and how you can use it, or you can skip ahead to the juicy bits:

Now, get comfortable and still your mind…

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From Online Poker to Starting a Company: 5 Business Lessons Learned Along the Way

This post was written by Mauricio Prinzlau. Mauricio is the CEO of, a data and user feedback driven comparison engine for cloud apps and services. He enjoys writing and producing educational videos around the cloud to help people find the best cloud service for their needs.

Business Lessons

From an early part of my life, I always had an entrepreneurial drive and was focused on starting up on my own somewhere down the line in my career.

A few years on, I started working as an online community manager for a poker school. The poker school I was working with made money through the affiliate model whereby we earned a commission whenever players were referred to online poker rooms.

My colleagues and I were primarily involved with creating high-quality content and social media posts in order to attract leads and interest to the poker school’s website. It was during that time that I learnt the importance of creating high-quality content (video tutorials, guides, walk-throughs etc.) which would capture user interest and also be good from a search engine point of view.

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8 SaaS Entrepreneurs Reveal Their Morning Routine Tips

Morning Routines

We all hear those stories of super successful entrepreneurs who get a crazy amount done before the sun rises. They shared with us their morning routine tips on how they can meditate, exercise, and get work done while most of us are still sleeping.

And yet, entrepreneurs have some of most hectic and erratic schedules around. They often don’t work your typical 9-5 in an office, and their calendars involve a ton of meetings, managing employees, lots of travel, and working on the weekends. Because they’re not necessarily doing the same thing every day, it can be hard to establish a daily routine.

We interviewed ten top SaaS entrepreneurs to hear about how they’ve developed a routine in the midst of a chaotic life, and where it’s gotten them. What’s more, it’s not particularly easy to stick to a routine—even if you know it works. A lot of founders often struggle to do their ideal morning routine and they fall short of this idealized entrepreneur.

But that doesn’t stop them from trying. Here are some of their morning routines, and the tips and tricks they use to adhere to them and gear up for a successful day.

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