22 Business Growth Lessons for Startups from SaaStr Europa

business growthStartup life is hard enough when you’re trying to get a product off the ground.

But the challenge doesn’t stop at your first investment round.

The growth stage of a startup is where a whole load more are likely to flounder. You’ve made big promises to your investors and you’re struggling to meet those targets – not ideal.

Achieving the first stages of growth necessary to access further venture capital, or generate revenues you can rely on, is not easy. Your customers have higher expectations for your product and your team is expanding and professionalizing all while you’re still trying to improve output.

Fortunately, training tools and conferences exist where you can go to watch lectures, promote your product, and realize that everyone else is fighting the same issues at the networking events.

One growing scene at the moment is the European SaaS market.

Not as mature as its American cousin, the SaaS market in Europe has an explosion of companies and all of them are vying for that next stage of growth.

That’s why we went down to SaaStr Europa to find out what advice the speakers and panels would have for the 2019 cohort.

In this Process Street article, we’ll cover the key business growth lessons from a series of headline lectures:

  • Logging in to Paris
  • The Answers to Everything – with SaaStr, G2, Twilio, and CircleCI
  • Hackathon to Unicorn – with Talkdesk
  • Happy Customers at Scale – with New Relic
  • The Rules You Can Break – with Tradeshift
  • Freemium at Scale – with Typeform
  • Process Street won the prize!

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The Growth Strategy Zapier Used to Get Over 1,000,000 Users

In this episode of the Business Systems Explored podcast, we talk to Zapier’s Alison Groves about growing a tech startup to 1,000,000 users.

BSE Episode Header 3

Want to grow your software company to 1,000,000 users? In this episode the Business Systems Explored podcast, we speak to Alison Groves, the Partner Marketing Manager at Zapier, and find out exactly how she did it.

Zapier is an intuitive automation platform that connects your SaaS apps together. In the beginning, Zapier was doing cold outreach to software giants like Salesforce, asking them if they could build integrations for their platform. Now, there are over 500 Zapier partners — Process Street included — and that’s because of the partner marketing work Alison has been a part of.

For a business that survives on the cooperation of other businesses, Zapier has quickly shot up the ranks and become the go-to platform for connecting apps that don’t have native integrations.

How did they forge such great relations with so many big companies? Listen to the episode to get the growth strategy they used.

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