What Drives the Entrepreneurial Spirit? Philosophy for Modern Leaders

What Drives the Entrepreneurial Spirit Philosophy for Modern LeadersWhen I first heard the phrase “entrepreneurial spirit,” I laughed. Scoffed, actually.

I pictured zen-like self-help gurus in yoga pants up on a mountain retreat à la Topher Grace’s Black Mirror tech genius encouraging his followers to embrace their culturally-appropriated spirit animals and open their chakras for more fulfilling hostile takeovers.

Or Jared Leto.

Entrepreneurial Spirit: Topher Grace, Black Mirror

“Does anyone even say that?” I asked Adam, my editor, during our 1:1.

“It’s an interesting concept,” he said. “I think you should explore it.”

Dubiously, I set off to find out what this entrepreneurial spirit thing was all about.

Naturally, Adam was right.

Not only did I discover it’s definitely not as mystical as it sounds, but it draws heavily on some very ancient philosophy, and makes sense for both the personal and the professional.

I’ll walk you through what I learned and how you can use it, or you can skip ahead to the juicy bits:

Now, get comfortable and still your mind…

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How to Start a Podcast and Get 1,400,000 Downloads: Jon Nastor Explains, from Recording to Promoting

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Podcaster Jon Nastor has been host of Hack the Entrepreneur (HTE) since 2015, and between then and now his podcast has quickly become a runaway success.

From a few tentative early episodes to 1.4 million downloads, HTE has exploded. How did Jon do it?

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