11 Profound Influences on Steve Jobs’ Design Philosophy

Steve Jobs Design

The new Steve Jobs movie starring Micheal Fassbender is said to be riddled with inaccuracy. While Steve Jobs was undeniably an amazing designer, maybe this was at the sacrifice of some elements of his personality. Since this is an aspect the film will try and highlight it’s important to look back at the principles it was all founded on.

LSD Trips, Calligraphy and Kitchen Appliances

Do you want to be the next Steve Jobs? The creative force behind Apple’s ultra-minimal aesthetic has an incredibly diverse array of influences ranging from kitchen appliances to LSD trips.

Here are 11 of the biggest influences, most profound experiences and life lessons that formed Steve Jobs into the man who would go on to define UX and product design standards for years to come.

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How a Checklist Saved Boeing from Bankruptcy and Helped Win World War II

How a Checklist Saved Boeing from Bankruptcy and Helped Win World War II

On a foggy morning at Wright Air Field in Dayton, Ohio on October 30, 1935, a flight competition was held for the top airplane manufacturers to win a tender from the U.S. Army Air Corps for the next-generation long-range bomber.

Boeing Corporation’s Model 299, a cutting edge aluminum-alloy plane that could fly faster, further and carry five times as many bombs than the army had requested, was sure-fire to win. Nicknamed the “flying fortress”, historians stated this competition was held as a mere formality, with Boeing almost guaranteed to secure an order of at least sixty-five aircraft’s.

As Boeing’s turn to demo the Model 299 arrived, a small crowd watched the plane taxi down the runway readying for takeoff. It was magnificent, sporting four engines rather than the standard two. The plane roared down the runway, took off smoothly and rose quickly to 300 feet. But then the unimaginable happened. The plane stalled, sending thousands of tons of metal and fuel spiraling back down to earth impacting in a fiery explosion.

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