3 Awesome New Checklists on How to Make a Podcast

How to make a podcast

How to Make a Podcast with Process Street

Strangely enough, I came into the content writing world from a sound engineering degree. While I stuck with it for the full three years, after a while I turned back to what I always enjoyed in college – writing.

When there weren’t enough essays to write, I got whatever writing work I could online, and, after three years of (unrewarding) jobs and about three hours of sleep, I graduated today (applause) with knowledge of two things: writing and audio.

Three years of writing ‘SEO friendly’ (read as: only search engines understand it) articles about waste removal services, and I’m finally where I want to be.

Now I can write about things I like, and that’s what we’re bringing you here. The first checklist I wrote for Process Street – The Podcast Publishing Checklist – along with three more written by the fantastic James Schramko from SuperFastBusiness – a man I can truly say knows his stuff about sound.

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How to Start a Podcast and Get 1,400,000 Downloads: Jon Nastor Explains, from Recording to Promoting

In this episode of the Business Systems Explored podcast, we talk to Hack the Entrepreneur’s Jon Nastor about starting a podcast and getting 1,400,000 downloads. 


Podcaster Jon Nastor has been host of Hack the Entrepreneur (HTE) since 2015, and between then and now his podcast has quickly become a runaway success.

From a few tentative early episodes to 1.4 million downloads, HTE has exploded. How did Jon do it?

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