An Introduction to Automated and Interactive Processes

Interactive-Processes-vs.-Automated-ProcessesAll managers face the same question: “How do I improve the way my business works?”

Well, according to BPTrends 2016 report, the percentage of executives who see processes as the crucial way to drive their businesses forward is 24 times the number who always have standard processes to follow and 6 times the number who always document their processes. Executives see the value yet fail with the execution.

Clearly, we need to investigate how processes can be employed better in the workplace.

Microsoft’s Developer Network see effective processes as fitting into two neat categories: automated processes which are software driven and interactive processes which are human-focused while incorporating automation.

We’re going to split this into three sections:

  • Human-driven processes
  • Automated processes
  • Interactive processes which combine the two

We’ll look at what each is, where each is most useful, and I’ll present use cases for each.

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