12 HR Management Tips to Run an Effective Business (and Prevent Total Chaos)

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Effective human resources management prevents company-wide anarchy.

From solving internal disputes, to presenting a united front to customers, to just plain abiding by the law, HR is a vital discipline which is all too often generalized and pushed out of mind.

That’s why today I’ll be going through 12 HR management tips to help you keep your employees engaged and your company running smoothly. From the utter basics such as being open to hearing feedback on techniques like using social media to grow your network, keep reading to learn everything you need to know to avoid being another Michael Scott.

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If You Don’t Delegate Tasks, You’ll Ruin Your Business

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Successful business owners know the advantages of scaling through delegation and at the same time, preserving the quality of the service experience. Success is not something you achieve “all by yourself”.

Handing over some of the reigns is something most one-man businesses struggle with.

It makes me think of a good friend who launched her own public relations agency just over a year ago.

She told me about having just acquired two influential new clients, on top of how well some of her existing clients were doing, creating a lot more work for her in the process.

But instead of being happy and excited about her successful venture, she was complaining about the additional workload, and quite apprehensive about how it might increase even more in the future.

“How can I duplicate myself?” she asked nervously.

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