3 Process Problems Killing Your Marketing Campaigns

The following is a guest post from Maja Kowalska. Maja is the head of content marketing at Benhauer. She supervises both company’s blogs (SALESmanago and APPmanago), ebooks, infographic, and the work of the whole team.

You know the meme with dog in a lab captioned: ”I have no idea what I’m doing”?

Sadly, it’s an image that most of the marketers can easily relate to.


It happens so often: you put effort into what you feel is the most important course of action, but the results are almost invisible. According to studies, marketing is crucial for 60-80-90% of CEOs, but in the real-life, 100% of them will cut marketers off if they don’t present measurable results.

Bad news: vanity measurements such as Facebook likes don’t count. Moreover, can be treated as little better than mad scientists playing with ideas and generating ridiculous costs.

All this can be really discouraging for creative people who just want to make a living with the job they love.

While watching marketers work, and their position in the company, you can easily point out some patterns and processes that ruin the efforts of the whole team.

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