Best Process Documentation Software Compared: Office 365 vs Process Street

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You might think that I’m going to say that Process Street is the only bit of process documentation software you’ll need, but you’re wrong.

A craftsman is only as good as their toolkit allows them to be, and thus a consultant can only create business systems effectivel and increase their clients’ efficiency if they know the limits of their tools. Microsoft Word, for example, is good for creating detailed formal documents, but it’s a nightmare to document and track your processes with it.

Hence why today I’ll be going over how to use Process Street with the basics of your toolkit – Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. I’ll also be comparing them a little, as some tasks can be better and more easily achieved by using Process Street, such as:

Basically, we don’t think you have to be some elite business process management hacker to see massive improvements – you just need to know how to use it with the rest of your stack.
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Let’s get started.
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3 Vital Microsoft Outlook Tips for Becoming a Power User Overnight


If you’re using less than half the buttons in your Microsoft Outlook inbox, you’re doing it wrong.

You probably use Outlook for email because it comes with your expensive Office 365 package. But Outlook is more than just an email service. It’s part of what makes Office 365 worth paying for. It’s productivity and organization software built into the tools you use every day—emails, to-do lists, and calendars.

Outlook’s convenient features don’t mean anything unless you know how to use them. Read these Process Street tips, and say hello to your new life as an Outlook Power User.

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Google Apps vs Microsoft Office 365 — The Best Productivity Suite for Business

Office 365 vs Google Apps

A productivity suite covers all of your basic needs such as email, calendar, documents and shared file storage and is the core of all the business apps on the cloud.

There are two major players in this space: Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365.

While we might all have our current preferences and lean towards Google or Microsoft for our products, bear with me here because it’s not so crystal clear. If you have never used one of these two tools before, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. In this article, I’m going to compare Google Apps vs Microsoft Office 365 to show you which is the best suite of tools for your business and personal productivity.

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