Cold Emailing Sales Tips from the Founder of PersistIQ

In this episode of Business Systems Explored, we talk B2B sales with the CEO and cofounder of PersistIQ, Pouyan Salehi.


Cold emailing isn’t just blasting huge lists of random leads. That’s the kind of thinking that ruins your brand and throws your list of prospects out the window. In fact, it’s possible with a small list and just one salesperson, especially if you have the right tools and attitude.

In this episode, we talk to CEO and co-founder of PersistIQ on how to build a cold emailing sales system from scratch, how to optimize it, and how to know if it’s working. You might be doing cold outreach already and be looking to make it better, or maybe you’re only focusing on inbound.

Listen to this episode and find out the mechanics of selling with cold email, and how some companies have used it to rocket their businesses to 9 figures.

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