Software Quality Assurance vs. Quality Control: What’s the Difference?


Thinking the terms ‘quality control’ and ‘quality assurance’ can be used interchangeably is a common mistake.

Whoever coined those terms did nothing to clarify their differences, but in fact:

  • Quality control (QC) makes sure that your product isn’t riddled with bugs.
  • Quality assurance (QA) makes sure engineers are following processes to reduce future bugs, and write code more efficiently.

Quality control is something development teams do every day. They squash bugs in the code they wrote, and run tests to catch future errors.

Quality assurance is the overall management of development processes that make sure less testing and QC needs to be done.

At Process Street, we’ve already looked at the wider implications of QC and how to run tests on your software. We’ve even provided you with a bunch of pre-made software development processes you can adjust to your own team.

In this article, I’ll go into an explanation of quality assurance in software teams, and how you can use this information for your own developers.

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7 Software Development Processes to Engineer Your Success

software development processes - header

Get Ready to Swat Those Bugs and Up Your Development!

Every programmer and developer makes mistakes. That’s not a criticism by any means; only a couple of posts ago an eagle-eyed user spotted a Freudian slip of mine when “baring” something in mind. Not only is it a vital part of improving in your field, but the freedom to take risks and leave errors also allows the best of the best to flex their muscles and get creative.

I mean, just so long as it doesn’t almost cause World War 3.

“The necessity of selecting and following a formal process for software development is to… avoid wastage of time, money, demoralization in developers, etc.” – Harisha K R

That’s where your software development processes come in! Here at Process Street, we’ve helped to show how processes can boost productivity, save money and all-around improve your business. So, after showing how to ace your IT processes, we’re here for another round to give you the run down on software development processes!

Take your pick from any of these ready-to-use checklists to easily execute your debugging, sprint planning, user story grooming and more. The wild world of software development awaits!

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