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Who resolved to read more this year? ✋

Who actually has? 🙈

Let’s be honest: you’re never actually going to make it through that folder of bookmarked articles you’ve been collecting since last year. Hey – not judging. I’ve been cultivating my own To Be Read monolith for months.

So what’s the deal? How do you catch up with all those industry insights, actionable advice articles, and entrepreneurial retrospectives when there never seems to be any time to, y’know, read?

Simple: let us read them for you.

Introducing Tech Out Loud – the coolest podcast around bringing those must-read articles directly into your waiting ears.
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Hyper Growth: The Strategies You Need to Reach Unicorn Status

The 4 Hypergrowth Strategies to Gain Unicorn Status for Your Start Up

Everyone knows that unicorns don’t exist.

Or do they?

The latest findings have reported that there are now over 600 unicorns thriving in the wild. Experts in the field often cite unicorns’ unique capacity for managing hyper growth that’s allowed them to experience such a surge of success.

However, unicorns still face a perilous existence: two-thirds of unicorns never reach full maturity. This is partly due to a lack of sustainable resources in their environment, but with valuations of $1 billion or more, they are also highly coveted by collectors.

Say you want to raise a gangly young foal into a noble specimen of unicorn-ness. Where do you start? How do you make sure your prospective unicorn makes it into that elite one-third of successful hopefuls?

Fortunately for you, Process Street knows a thing or two about unicorn rearing and maintenance, and this post will cover the basic strategies of managing hyper growth for the best possible outcome: a fully matured unicorn.

Peruse the following chapters for the best advice we have to give:

Giddy-up! (Last horse reference, I promise.)
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5 Essential Tools for a Successful QA Process in Your Startup

5 Essential Tools for a Successful QA Process in Your Startup

Alex Zubkov is a technical writer at LITSLINK from Dnipro. Alex has 15 years experience in sales, marketing, and product promotion for both local and international markets. He’s also a techno geek and amateur photographer with a love of gadgets and the Arsenal FC.

Quality assurance (QA) is an essential stage of any software development cycle. It helps developers catch the lingering bugs and inconsistencies in the product’s functionality before you deliver it to your customers.

According to Statista, companies spent 35% of their financial resources on software testing in 2015. In 2019, this figure went down to just below a quarter of the company’s budget, but it is still taxing in 2020 to balance financial expenditure and product performance.

A sophisticated QA process can cut costs by reducing the number of errors that need fixing and, subsequently, the amount of iterative testing required. It can also improve the reliability of the testing process, further reducing expenses, which is crucial for startups and low-budget, middle-size enterprises.

In this article, we’ll briefly run through the key stages of the QA process:

Let’s get started!
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55 Insanely Useful Startup Blogs: VCs, Sales, Marketing & Design (2017)

At Process Street, a lot of startup blogs are required reading for our team.

It makes sense, because your startup will be informed and improved by what it reads, and every team needs to stay on top of what’s being spoken about.

In this post, I’ve compiled the 55 best blogs for startups (plus one recommended article from each) in these categories:

  • Venture capitalist blogs
  • Marketing blogs
  • Sales blogs
  • UX & design blogs
  • Customer success & support blogs

… All focused specifically on advice for startups.

Here they are:

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How to Build a Minimum Viable Process Pack for Your Startup

I know, you want to cut out admin work. You want to cut out time wasted on bullshit that doesn’t directly impact traction.

It’s hard to pull yourself away from product and marketing for any extended period of time to focus on how efficiently your startup runs internally, but it does have to be done.

Srinivas Kulkarni, writing for ZDNet, reports:

“While it’s very easy to say that when startups are founded, there’s a lot of freedom, liberty and access in terms of work and building the product, technology or service that they offer, it is also important to realize that most startups fail because they don’t learn from their and others’ mistakes. It’s imperative that the experience comes from a process.”

A lot of the problems processes solve can seem like they’re easily fixed on the day they crop up, and it can seem like there’s no point in writing down how you do work when you’re too busy to even get it all done…

But any good startup will scale, analyze the ways it gets work done, and will try to improve its efficiency — that’s just what organizations that succeed do.

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Startup Hiring: How to Find the Perfect Candidate Without Going Insane

In this episode of Business Systems Explored, Vinay explains the system he uses to hire at Process Street.


Hiring is the single most important thing any company does.

It’s right at the top of the chain, and the effects filter down to impact revenue, reach, signups, customer satisfaction, and more.

So, instead of settling on someone early because you can’t be bothered to manage relationships with hundreds of candidates, you should try the system described in this podcast.

The system involves ways to automatically reach out to great potential candidates, screen with automation, and use AI to schedule meetings. And, it’s nowhere near as complex as it sounds.

Listen to this episode to learn this semi-automated system for yourself and get it set up in a few hours!

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Quote to tweet:

“People are the ultimate system. It’s all about the team. Your company is how you hire” (tweet this)

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Do you need to get an MBA? My dad didn’t, and neither do you

get an mba

College education has been called the largest scam in US history. The cost of one year of college tuition in the US has risen by 160% in the last 10 years and looks set to increase 5% year on year.

Despite the huge price hikes, doesn’t having a college education make you a vastly more attractive candidate?

Not really.

A 2014 survey of nearly 3,000 job seekers and HR professionals found that 64% of hiring managers said they would “consider a candidate who hadn’t gone to a day of college”. In fact, business jobs like sales manager and operations manager don’t need a degree at all, despite paying an average salary of over $90,000.

Experience is more important than education

While degrees do still matter to 46% of hiring managers, one of the most important factors when choosing a candidate is experience. A few decades back when the corporate structure might have been a little more loose, executive positions were widely available to low-level employees.

My dad started out working in the factory for a coffee corporation in the early 1980s. Over the years, he climbed the ranks towards becoming the top salesman in the region up to what would now be called the customer success manager.

Did he have a college degree? No, actually. He left school at 16, joined the Air Force and lived in Cyprus throughout the 1970s. This example is probably a case of being in the right place at the right time, and nowadays it’s rare to be promoted from the factory to the golf course with clients, especially in a big company. However, the same thing can happen now, just not in the corporate space…

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6 Reasons You Can’t Get a Job at a Startup

can't get a job

Why are inexperienced post-grads getting hired left and right while you’re left short of your dream startup job?

The thing to remember about startups is that unlike enterprises, every action has major consequences. Hiring a new salesperson for a startup might mean doubling the team size, whereas it probably means adding salesperson #1001 to the roster for enterprises.

Finding a job at a startup means you need some qualities that you weren’t taught at school.

I talked to Vinay Patankar to find out what he’s learned from his years as an executive recruiter and Process Street CEO.

You’re a bad culture fit

If you’ve ever seen HubSpot’s Chair Dance or any of the numerous silly things they do, you’ll be able to decide whether HubSpot seems to be a good culture fit for you. HubSpot creates this content to deliberately screen out unsuitable candidates: super-serious people need not apply.

With startups being small by design, the person in charge of hiring needs to be sure you’re going to get on well with everyone and contribute in a positive way to company culture.

If you clash with the rest of team you won’t be considered because not only will you create a bad atmosphere, you’re likely to leave sooner after a huge amount of time and energy has been spent on training and onboarding. If this seems likely, whoever’s in charge of hiring will decide you can’t get a job at their startup.

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Evolving Processes in Lean Startups

Its a difficult task, communicating new and evolving processes to my staff. That’s one of the reasons I came up with Process Street.

Internet Marketing is fast paced. I am testing new things all the time. New offers, traffic sources, analytics and optimization tools. With so much new information coming in, processes are constantly changing.

Testing a new platform looks something like this.

1. I test the platform and determine if it has a positive ROI
2. If yes, I will create a process and hand off operation of platform to team
3. I will continue to test the platform to optimize and increase ROI
4. Any positive tests and the accompanying configuration changes are then added to the process for the team to manage.

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