How to Systemize Your Business from Scratch

In this episode of Business Systems Explored, we talk to Wendy Tadokoro from Organising Works! a business systems consultancy based in Australia.


You’re not going to be able to scale your business properly if you don’t use systems…

The problem is, businesses think they don’t have enough time to create processes.

What they don’t realize is that every day you go without a process, you’re wasting time and setting yourself up for failure.

Processes help you:

  • Train new employees
  • Assign tasks to anyone
  • Automate tedious jobs
  • Scale your business

So, how do you start systemizing your business from scratch?

If that’s what you want to know, this is the episode for you. Joining me this week is Wendy Tadokoro from Organising Works!, a systems consultancy with years of experience working with enterprises and small businesses. She walks us through everything she does when starting with a new client, revealing how you start making systems from the very beginning.

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