The 31 Best Marketing Books to Understand and Reach Your Customers

best marketing booksMarketing is such a vital part of how we do business. So many of us do marketing-related roles, yet how many of us have really read up on the fundamentals? Not enough.

That’s why we’re going to look at some texts from across the marketing field which can help sure up our knowledge.

From advertising to PR, SEO to content, it’s all related.

As a follow up to our wonderfully received article cataloguing the 45 best sales books, we’ve decided to break down the world of marketing literature for you too!

We have some old classics like Scientific Advertising, some newer classics like Blue Ocean Strategy, and a number of this year’s must reads!

Some of these books will put you inside the mind of the customer. Others will transport you into the realm of strategy. Many of the books listed will go super specific into technical approaches.

There’s something for everyone!

Check out our Process Street list of the 31 best marketing books below!

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