Process Improvement: Stop Bad Processes Killing Your Business

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Last week we failed to meet a big deadline for the second time in a month. Vinay (Process Street‘s CEO) wasn’t impressed.

How can you forget something so simple? What’s going wrong?

Then came the kicker.

What was your process?

From missed deadlines to widespread cyber attacks, things go wrong in businesses all the time. The vast majority of problems, however, are caused by following bad processes. Processes might be vital to your business’ success, but unchecked they can just as easily cause you to fail.

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The only way to change these weak links in your own business is to have a system of process improvement – a way of constantly improving the processes that power your business.
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How to Use Visual Process Innovation to Make Your Startup More Efficient

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Efficiency is vital for startups to scale and survive. To be efficient you have to document your processes to make everything repeatable and scalable.

All of which means nothing if your processes are bad.

“Process innovation” is a fancy term for improving your business’ processes. Instead of haphazardly solving external issues, you focus on improving your core processes and standard operating procedures to make your business efficient and able to grow.
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