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Process Street has allowed us to become very innovative and agile, not only across teams but across the globe. This facilitation of collaboration and alignment has been a huge win for us and our customers at Salesforce. 

Alex Hauer | Senior Success Consultant at SalesforceNew York, United States

This is how to succeed with Process Street's customer success workflow software:


Standardize your approach to customer success

Build customer success templates for your team to follow so they can handle issues and opportunities in the best possible way. Give your team confidence, your customers a great experience, and yourself peace of mind.


Lighten your customer success workload

Eradicate manual tasks and connect your templates to the platforms you use on a daily basis. Pull customer information into your checklists and send data back out into your other platforms.


Predict customer success & identify red flags

With one quick glance at your Checklist Dashboard, you’ll get an overview of your customers in real-time. Sort issues before they become problems, identify opportunities before they get missed, and stay ahead of the curve.  


Handle multiple customers with one process

Simplify your processes by using conditional logic when building your templates. Your team will be able to handle multiple customer cases, scenarios, and opportunities from one template. 


Capture & store customer success information 

Build a 360-degree profile of your customers by using form fields to collect and store key information. Add comments, tag team members, and keep a record of all conversations and outcomes in one single place.


Make the best decisions for your customers

Use Approvals to make sure all customer success documents and decisions are run by you. Make decisions on the move. Reject, approve, and provide feedback from wherever you are with one quick click.


Build a strong customer success team

Create a strong customer success team by building processes, sharing them, and assigning key roles and responsibilities. Build transparency, promote collaboration, and achieve success with your customers - together.

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