Introduction to the Airbnb Hosting Checklist:

Airbnb Hosting Checklist

Airbnb (use this link for $40 free credit) has rapidly become the leader in the holiday accommodation field. 

People all over the world are staying in Airbnb listed accommodation and the opportunity to use Airbnb to list your own or spare property is being taken by many. 

This Process Street Airbnb hosting checklist is geared to help guide property owners through all the necessary steps to welcoming clients, hosting them, and checking them out while creating a great experience for the guests. 

Better experiences mean better reviews, and better reviews mean more guests. It's a simple process. 

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OverLaLuna - How to Host on Airbnb: 10 Tips and Tricks for Hosting

Arrival Preparation:

Confirm the booking

Confirm that you've accepted the booking for the guest. 

This will kick off the whole process and make sure the guest doesn't change their mind and find someone else. 

Always try to respond to requests as quickly as possible.

Use the form fields below to record the information of the guest. 

Make the bed

The bed is maybe the most important part of what someone's paying for. They want to sleep and they want to sleep comfortably. 

Make sure there are clean sheets on the bed and the bedroom looks clean and presentable.

Lay out new towels

Provide fresh towels in the bathroom for your incoming guests. 

Hand towels and bath towels appropriate to the number of guests.

Make sure toilet paper is stocked up

It sounds like the most obvious thing in the world, but if you forget then your guest is going to leave a scathing review. 

If they arrive late at night or shops aren't easily accessible then you risk a catastrophe.

Confirm all cleaning materials are available

Make sure cloths, sponges, sprays and creams are all provided.

If your guests are able to clean for themselves, then you may be left with a lot less cleaning for yourself. 

You aren't the only person in this transaction who would like to be left a positive review!

Check kitchen essentials

You should already have the various things in your kitchen which your guest will need. 

Basics like crockery or cutlery will still be present unless damaged or stolen by previous guests. However, salt, pepper, or oil can run low simply through regular use.  

Use this subchecklist to double check the important items are present.

  • 1
    Salt, herbs, and spices
  • 2
    Butter and oil
  • 3
    Clean crockery and cutlery
  • 4
    Washing up liquid
  • 5
    Stock food: pasta/rice
  • 6
    Kitchen towels
  • 7
    Extra food or drinks

Add useful spares

For some items, you may want to leave spares available to your guests. 

Leave spare bedsheets, towels, light bulbs, and trash can bags. Items like these are ones your guest is unlikely to bring themselves.

Lock any personal items in a private space

Your Airbnb property may be only for guest use, in which case you will probably not keep personal possessions there. 

However, some people will use their Airbnb for personal use as well. If you keep personal belongings at the residence, make sure these items are securely locked away in a safe or a locked room. 

Check for safety hazards

Make sure you have taken all reasonable effort to provide for the safety of any guest who stays in your accommodation.

Use this short subchecklist to confirm you have checked the following items.

  • 1
    All items in the first aid kit are accounted for
  • 2
    Fire alarms/carbon monoxide detectors have been checked
  • 3
    The fire extinguisher is working

Send the welcome pack

To welcome your new arrival you can take a couple of steps. 

  • Send the guest a pre-prepared welcome pack in advance
  • Leave welcome materials in the accommodation for arrival
  • Provide some useful items to help them enjoy their stay.

A typical welcome pack which you can send the guest may contain arrival instructions (where you will meet them, how to contact you), instructions for appliances (washing machine, oven, shower, etc), all relevant passwords (building codes, wifi, television or Netflix access, etc), and house rules

What you decide to include in your house rules is up to you, and will vary on the nature of your accommodation. An apartment in a complex may require a curfew for noise, whereas a farmhouse in the country might not have those restrictions. 

You can also leave a number of items for your incoming guests. Use the subchecklist below for some examples.

  • 1
    Beach towels and umbrellas
  • 2
    Playing cards
  • 3
  • 4
    Guidebook to the area
  • 5
  • 6
    Personal recommendations of bars or restaurants

Use the email widget below to send your welcome pack.

Leave a spare key for the new arrival

A spare key is a very small investment, but one which can easily avoid catastrophe. 

Leave a spare key with the welcome materials in case they lose the main one.

Meet your new guests

Welcoming your new guests on arrival is best practice for running your Airbnb

This allows you to make sure the arrival works smoothly, helps you control who has access to your accommodation, and puts a friendly face to the experience - helping you pick up better reviews in the process!

Checking Out:

Send a message on day of checkout confirming instructions

Contact your guests when they're due to check out so that you can talk them through the process. 

You could include where you will meet them, or where they need to deposit their keys. 

Use the email widget below to contact them.

Collect the keys from the guest/deposit box

Make sure you retrieve both sets of keys from the guest. 

Either collect these from the guest in person or, if you do not have time, arrange for the guest to leave the keys in a deposit box/put them through the letterbox of the accommodation.

Check to see nothing has been damaged

Go through each room and check all items are still working or have not been damaged. 

Use the subchecklist to check a number of key items.

  • 1
  • 2
    Kitchen appliances
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
    Bathroom fittings
  • 6
    Living room furniture

Make sure nothing was stolen

Smaller items may not be damaged but they can be at risk of being stolen. 

It's unlikely someone is going to steal your sofa without significant prior planning, but people often steal items provided by hotels. 

Use the subchecklist to make sure smaller items haven't been stolen.

  • 1
  • 2
    Kitchen utensils
  • 3
  • 4

Contact the guest to thank them and request a review

Thank the guest for staying with you. Let them know you will be providing them with a review. 

Request them to leave you a positive review. Prompting people to review you positively can improve your chances of receiving one.

Use the email widget to reach out to them.

Review the guest

Leave an honest review of the guest for future hosts to see. 

Use the form field below to record the review you are going to leave.


It's important to clean everything once a guest has left. 

If something sticky has been spilt or the bathroom is a mess, you don't want to leave it a week to fester before dealing with it. 

You also put yourself at risk of attracting insects or vermin if food or bins are left unattended.

You can use our Process Street house cleaning checklist or follow the 7 next tasks to return your accommodation to its pristine condition.

Tidy the apartment

Go through each room and make the place look presentable.

Put chairs back under tables, readjust the cushions, and put appliances back where they should be. 

Take out the bins

The longer trash is left out the more likely it will start to smell. 

Even worse, you could find yourself with the bigger problem of insects or vermin. 

Make sure all trash is taken out as soon as possible.

Wash all linen and towels

Any materials which have been used should be washed immediately so you don't forget. 

Cushion covers and other cloth around the house should also be washed on a regular basis. 

Clean the bathroom

If you want a bad review on Airbnb, a surefire way is to provide a dirty bathroom. 

As a lot of bathrooms are white, they show dirt more easily than other areas of the house. 

If your bathroom is dirty, your guests will assume that the rest of the accommodation hasn't been cleaned adequately either.

Clear the fridge and shelves of any perishables

It's a great idea to provide useful food for your guests, but that should be bought fresh!

Don't leave your guests food from the previous inhabitants. 

Make sure the fridge and freezer are sparkling clean.

Wipe down all the sides

All surface tops should be wiped clean with disinfectant.

Your guests will notice and appreciate it!

Vacuum or mop the floors

Run a vacuum over any carpets and mop any tiled floors. 

Use a nice smelling cleaning agent and the whole house will smell fresh.

Clean the entrance to the accommodation

The first thing any future guests will see is not your accommodation, but the entrance to it. 

If you're letting an apartment, make sure the hallway is clean and consider leaving a welcome mat. 

If you're letting a house, check the drive or garden looks presentable.


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