Client onboarding is the process companies use to introduce new customers to their services. Health insurance agencies often accomplish this by using policy information sheets, guides for accessing online accounts, and comprehensive welcome kits. When done effectively, insurance agency client onboarding can help your agency build long-term relationships.

In real estate, it can be tough to hold on to long-term customers. The truth is, the average real estate client sells once every seven years, which means it's easy for working relationships to fade out and for retention to be poor in the long-term.

In light of the fact that it costs on average five times more to obtain a new customer than it does to retain an old one, the importance of a good onboarding process for new real estate sales customers becomes clearer than ever.

With a solid process for onboarding your new clients, you'll be able to automate and streamline the task of preparing new clients to work with you in full capacity; gathering their information, answering common questions, giving them "homework" to bring to your next meeting, and ultimately keep the momentum going from their initial decision to work with your real estate agency.

Basically, if you’ve ever had a client ask for a status update when they're not clear what's going on, even when you're hard at work trying to solve their problems, then you need this checklist.

Ready to cement the long-term working relationship with your new real estate sales client by providing value and making them feel fully welcomed? Let's go.

Basic information:

Collect basic information

First things first, you should record some basic details for this client using the form fields below.

Let your client know where to get information

Inform your new client of where they can find information if they have any questions regarding your brokerage process. 

The email widget below has been automatically filled in with all of the information, so all you need to do is check it over and hit the send button once it looks good to you.

Prepare contract

Upload the brokerage contract to the form field below.

Send contract for signing

Use this email widget to send the brokerage contract to your new client to be signed.

You shouldn't have to do anything, since the body of the email has been prepared for you, pulling in all relevant data automatically.

Simply check the text and hit send when you're ready.

Receive signed brokerage contract

Once you receive back the signed brokerage contract, upload it to the form field below.


Prepare welcome package

Prepare some content to send as part of a welcome email to help your client feel welcomed into the working relationship.

Here is a list of elements that you might want to include as part of your welcome email:

  • 1
    Introduction to you / your company
  • 2
    Short, relevant video with contextual information
  • 3
    Digital brochure containing information about your services
  • 4
    Content referencing your company (blog posts, articles, etc.)
  • 5
    Customer testimonials

If you already have content prepared for a situation like this, just proceed to the next tast, where you'll be asked to insert it into an email widget.

Otherwise, use the form fields below to record a selection of relevant and useful content for the welcome email:

Send welcome package

Edit the body of the email below to include only the information you need, and then hit the send button when you're ready.

Set up one of our email integrations to automatically send a pre-prepared welcome email each time you run this checklist.


Schedule consultation call

Check the contents of the email below, then hit the send button to schedule a consultation call with your client.

Confirm consultation date

Confirm the date of the onboarding consultation in the form field here:

Call preparation:

Prepare call agenda

Prepare an agenda ahead of the consultation call, with points that you'll want to go over with your client.

Record the agenda using the form field in this task.

Prepare client to-do list

Prepare a to-do list to guide the client towards achieving a successful onboarding outcome.

The to-do list should be arranged in order of urgency, with clear instructions for how to complete each item, as well as recommended due dates for the client to work towards.

Once prepared, upload the to-do list to the form field below.

Consultation call:

Understand client's situation


Call agenda: {{form.Call_agenda}}

Use the call agenda above to guide your discussion with the client.

As you progress through the call, record information in the form fields in this task.

After the call, you should have enough information to proceed with advising the client on their next steps in the onboarding process.

Go over to-do list

Discuss the to-do list that you prepared earlier and make sure the client understands it completely.

The to-do list is an important tool for achieving a successful onboarding, so it's just as important that the client understands the information laid out in this document.

Discuss expectations

Help the client understand what they should expect from you as an insurance broker. You may learn that their expectations wildly differ from what you thought.

Miscommunication of expectations is one of the leading causes of churn in new client relationships, so it's really crucial that you clearly understand what your client expects from you, and that those expectations are grounded in reality.

Record an outline of your client's expectations after discussing this during the call.

Align your priorities

Discuss with your client and come to an agreement on what their immediate priority should be to proceed towards achieving their specific needs and goals.

This should be in-line with your own needs and expectations from them as a customer, and ultimately should serve to move them closer to a successful "onboarding".

Once you've come to an agreement, use the form field below to record your client's immediate priority.

Determine what documents will be needed

Determine what documents you will need from the client in order to proceed with their case. 

Record the documents needed in the form field below.


Determine next steps

After the call, use the information gathered so far to determine the next steps for your client.

Record clear instructions in the form field below.

Send client post-call summary

Send the client a summary of everything you've done so far, including an outline of the items you discussed during your last call.

The email below already contains all of the information, so you just need to check it and send once you decide everything looks good.

Take a look at this how-to video for more information on automating your client onboarding process using Process Street:

Request documents from client

Request any outstanding documents you need to proceed with the client's case.

Thankfully, all of the work has already been done for you and the email widget below contains a pre-made request for documents, which has pulled in information from previous tasks to specify exactly what you need from the client.

Simply check the contents of the email and hit send once you think it looks okay.

Future meetings:

Schedule follow-up meeting

Check the text in the body of the email below, then hit the send button to schedule a follow-up meeting with your client.

Confirm follow-up meeting date

Confirm the follow-up meeting date by recording it in the form field below.

Set up an integration with your calendar tool to automatically input the date of the follow-up meeting here. 


Update client profile in CRM

New client information

Signed brokerage contract: {{form.Signed_brokerage_contract}}
Initial consultation date: {{form.Date_of_onboarding_consultation}}
Follow-up meeting date: {{form.Follow-up_meeting_date}} 

Client to-do list: {{form.Client_to-do_list}}
Required documents outstanding: {{form.Documents_needed_from_client}}

Copy and paste the information above directly into your CRM.

Save time by automatically updating your customer profile with one of our many CRM integrations.


Provide instructions for accessing online accounts

Inform your client on how they can access online accounts by editing the email template below to include your own instructions.

Other than that, the email is ready to go; simply check it over and hit send.


Request onboarding feedback

With your new client fully onboard, it's time to send over a feedback questionnaire.

The link to your feedback questionnaire is already in the body of the email below; just make sure the information looks correct and send it off.

Receive completed feedback questionnaire

Once the client has completed the feedback questionnaire, insert a link to it in the form field below.


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