Customer profiling is a way to create a portrait of your customers to help you make decisions concerning your service. By identifying and understanding your customers, you can assess their needs and determine whether your business concept will meet those needs.

That's why us over here at Process Street created this Customer Profiling checklist, to identify patterns within your customer base. This checklist should be run whenever a new customer uses your product or when you are contacted by them. You then record this information to create user profiles.


Record customer's details

First things first have a member of your sales team record the customer's details when carrying out customer profiling. Your sales team member will be the point of contact and who will be extracting this information. Use the form fields below to record the customer's data.

Gather their company information

Once you have recorded the customer's details, it is time to gather information from their LinkedIn account. You will record all of the information from that to create a customer profile. Use the form fields below to record the customer's job title, their company's industry and how many employees there are.

Record demographic information

Now you have to gather the customer's demographic information from their LinkedIn account. This will help determine what age and gender your users are. Record their information by using the form fields below. 

Get psychographics information

Again using the customer's LinkedIn account, you will gather their psychographic information. This will help you determine what your users' personality types are and what their preferences include. Do this by using the form fields below. 

Figure out how they found you

You now want to find out how the customer found your business. You can use your CRM to track how your customers found you or you can use Google Analytics. But if you can't find this information out, reach out to them and ask. Record how you found them using the form fields below. 

Find out their problem

Once you know how they found you, you now have to find out the customer's problem. This will most likely already have been covered in the sales call, support email or any other means of communication. If you can not find that out, ask them directly why they chose you over other companies. Use the form fields below to do so.

Add profile to CRM

Now that you have all of your customer's information and are able to create a customer profile out of it, select this task to send the data back to the CRM. 

Use our Zapier guide to learn how to automate a checked task to do so.


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