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Sometimes it's necessary to visit a client site to offer technical assistance, install new hardware, make updates, or help users learn software.

This process is designed to help your organization manage the requests for service calls by logging the details, effectively communicating with technicians, and keeping the client in the loop.

At the end of the process, you'll generate a report to send the client that you can attach to an invoice, if necessary.

Record details of the support ticket

Determine which technician will be allocated the job

Edit this template to include the names and specialties of your technicians so it's easy to decide who gets which jobs in the future.

Contact technician to confirm ETA with client

Review the full ticket information before proceeding

Below is a summary of the service call information so far:

Service call request

{{form.Client_name}} requests service to the address:



Here are the contents of their support request:



The service call has been assigned to {{form.Technician_name}} for completion on {{form.Confirmed_date_of_the_service_call_(from_technician)}}.

Send any extra information to the client

Inform the client of any extra charges or conditions involved with the service call, and update them with any ETA changes.

Technician receives full job request

Assign this step to a technician who should tick the task off to mark the job request as received.

Technician completes job request

Assign this step to a technician who should tick the task off to mark the job request as completed.

Technician provides a report to the client

The report should include details of the problem's resolution, and any extra costs incurred.

Save a copy of the report for your own records, and send a copy to your client.

You can generate it using the form fields below.

Service Call Report: {{form.Client_name}}, {{checklist.created_date}}

Received by: {{}}

Date serviced: {{form.Confirmed_date_of_the_service_call_(from_technician)}}

Description of problem:



Problem source: {{form.Problem_source}}

Problem description:


Solution type: {{form.Solution_type}}

Solution details:





Billable parts: {{form.Billable_parts}}

Labor cost: {{form.Labor_cost}}

Total cost to client: {{form.Total_cost_to_client}}

Invoice the client

Create an invoice for the total amount ({{form.Total_cost_to_client}}).

This step should be assigned to the department in charge of invoicing, so they can see the full details of the work and note that they've invoiced.

Get an invoicing process here, and learn how to generate custom invoices inside Process Street here.