The last thing you want in a lab environment is for people to get complacent. You need to be confident that everyone knows what they're doing, the safety measures they need to take, and so on.

That's why we here at Process Street have created this Lab SOP.

Use this process when you're trying to create a new standard operating procedure for use in your lab. Each task will take you through the elements you need to record to lay out an effective lab procedure.

Describe the process you want to document

First you need to define what you're trying to document. Use the form fields below to record the title and description of the process or experiment you're addressing.

The idea here is to label the process/experiment you want to document so that everyone will know exactly when it starts, what it entails, and when it will end.

You don't need to go into exhaustive detail. Simply record enough information for anyone reviewing this checklist to know what you're tackling.

Identify who is creating the process

Next you need to identify who is creating the process. Use the form field below to record this information.

State where the process will take place

Use the form field below to show where the process/experiment will take place.

This will help to further clarify the specific process or experiment you're documenting, and ensure that anyone using the resulting process won't accidentally confuse it with another.

Record who the process involves

Next you need to record who will be involved in the process or experiment you're recording. Do so using the form fields below.

Note that whoever you identify as the Principle Supervisor will be assigned to an approval task later in this checklist. They will be responsible for reviewing and approving (or rejecting) the process you've documented.

It's vital to the success of your process or experiment that everyone involved knows who they are working with. For example, your technicians should know who is supervising them.

List potential hazards

List the potential hazards of the process using the form field below.

While this might seem self-explanatory, recording the hazards of your process or experiment is another vital element in order to make sure that they aren't forgotten.

It's also a great way to make sure that everyone (no matter their prior experience) is aware of the dangers posed and can then act appropriately to prevent an incident.

Note special safety requirements

Work through the subtask list and use the form field below to record any special safety requirements for your process or experiment.

This serves as a follow-up to the previous task where you identified potential hazards, as this will provide detailed instructions on the safety equipment required no matter who is running your process.

  • 1
    Planned chemicals involved
  • 2
    Personal protective equipment
  • 3
    Engineering and environmental controls
  • 4
    Operational ranges and conditions
  • 5
    Special handling and storage requirements
  • 6
    Spill and accident procedure as needed
  • 7
    Waste handling and disposal

Record training requirements

Next you need to record any training requirements, who needs training, and when the training was completed for this process or experiment using the form fields below.

This will make sure that whoever is working through the process will be able to effectively carry out your instructions.

List references

To round things out, record the materials and/or people you used for reference when documenting this process.

Review your recordings and submit for approval

Finally, review the information you recorded in previous tasks and then submit your new SOP for approval.

Process/Experiment Title: {{form.Process/Experiment_Title}}

Process/Experiment Description: {{form.Process/Experiment_Description}}

Process/Experiment Location: {{form.Process/Experiment_Location}}

Students (Names and Contact Details): {{form.Students_(Names_and_Contact_Details)}}

Technicians (Names and Contact Details): {{form.Technicians_(Names_and_Contact_Details)}}

Operators (Names and Contact Details): {{form.Operators_(Names_and_Contact_Details)}}

Other Figures to be Notified (Names and Contact Details): {{form.Other_Figures_to_be_Notified_(Names_and_Contact_Details)}}

Potential Hazards: {{form.Potential_Hazards}}

Special Safety Requirements: {{form.Special_Safety_Requirements}}

Training Required: {{form.Training_Required}}

Figures Requiring Training: {{form.Figures_Requiring_Training}}

Training Completion Date: {{form.Training_Completion_Date}}

Reference Sources: {{form.Reference_Sources}}


Will be submitted for approval:
  • Review your recordings and submit for approval
    Will be submitted


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