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Linux Proxy Server Setup Checklist

Linux Proxy Server Setup Checklist

Set up ProxyChains on your Linux computer.
Install Tor
Install ProxyChains
Edit ProxyChains config
Check Tor status and start the service
Test the proxy
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In business, proxy servers are often used in penetration testing to simulate attacks on networks without leaving a trace. Here, we’re going to set up a proxy server using ProxyChains.

ProxyChains is a powerful open source tool for passing infiltrating traffic through a number of proxies, making it difficult to attribute traffic to its source because it chains a number of proxies together and rotates traffic through each. It’s a tool that has seen years of widespread adoption and trust in the community.

Setup is simple, and the configuration file comes with smart defaults and helpful comments.

Install Tor

ProxyChains can use call on Tor to anonymize traffic which — when used with encryption — is one of the most secure privacy tools.


sudo apt-get install tor

Install ProxyChains

After Tor is installed, install ProxyChains.

sudo apt-get install proxychains

Edit ProxyChains config

Most of the ProxyChains config can be left alone, but there are some lines to edit. The complete edits and lines to append are listed below:

sudo nano /etc/proxychains.conf


#dynamic-chain —> dynamic-chain

strict-chain —> #strict-chain

#proxy-dns —> proxy-dns

(In sum, uncomment dynamic-chain, comment strict-chain, and uncomment proxy-dns)

If any of these config lines are the same as the required edits, keep them as they are.


socks5 9050

…Directly under:

socks4 9050

Check Tor status and start the service

Confirm Tor is running by typing:

service tor status

You should see SUCCESS if it’s working.

Since Tor is up, you can now run the Tor service from your machine:

service tor start

Select identity, and enter password:

Test the proxy

You can now run:

  • SSH
  • telnet
  • wget
  • ftp
  • apt
  • vnc
  • nmap

…through proxy servers by prefixing the command with "proxychains", like this:

$ sudo proxychains wget https://secretsource.com/hiddenarchive.zip

For more information on using ProxyChains, click here.


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