Effective order processing helps the completion of a sale run smoothly and efficiently. The key steps are recording information, communicating that information to the necessary teams, and following up with the customer to check they were satisfied with the end result. 

With this checklist, you can take a transaction to completion and record the necessary data from each step along the way. 

Record product and client details

It is important to keep track of all the information so the process runs smoothly. First, record the product information and then record the customer information below.

Use the form fields below to record the details of the product.

Use the form fields below to keep track of your customers, and to ensure you can easily contact them. 

This will aid you in customer feedback and satisfaction, and enable you to provide high standard account management. You can also leverage this information in future to inform past customers about upcoming sales and offers.

AJML - The Importance of Record Keeping
Zoho - 5 Ways to Maintain Clean and Accurate Customer Information

Record which salesperson made the sale

Ensure you record the details of who made the sale and how they were able to.

Record the employee name in the form field below.

It is important to track these metrics within the company as it allows you to analyze which aspects of the business are performing highly and which are struggling. Recording the details of each sale allows you to optimize your business processes to focus on sending potential customers down a sales funnel which prioritizes the highest conversion aspects of the business. 

If you're not using a commission base for your sales then you could consider implementing one. There are benefits and downsides to commission based payment structures. You can find a comparison of different pay structures by Neil Kokemuller here.

A longer discussion of sales pay structures from Michael Lambourne can be found here.

Commission or no commission, be sure to give the employee who made the sale a pat on the back and record their success for your monthly report. If you need assistance with creating your monthly reports you can use our Monthly Sales Report Checklist.

Check product Is in stock

Ensure the product is in the warehouse and can be supplied to the customer or client. 

If the product cannot be found then it is important to check when there will be more stock

Use the dropdown selection list below to record whether the product is available.

Contact the client if the product is not in stock

If necessary, contact the client using the email widget below to explain that there will be a delay in delivery and let them know when to expect the product. Check the time and date of delivery works for the customer. Apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Ensure payment has been successfully made

Check that all payments have gone through successfully and confirmation has been received.  

Use the dropdown below to record the confirmation.  

Record the total price below

Review delivery method

Check which delivery method the client specified.

Record this information in the form field.

Note appropriate time and date for delivery

Record the information for the delivery company of when the product needs to arrive for the customer in the form fields below.

Contact delivery company

Send an email to the delivery company to ensure they know the appropriate date and time for both collection and arrival of the product. 

In the email, ensure the customer will receive delivery updates.

Use the email widget below to pass this information on.

Notify warehouse of date and time of pickup

Ensure the warehouse is fully aware of the time and date of the pickup so they can have the product ready for collection and can record it within their systems. 

Use the email widget below to notify the warehouse.

Notify customer of delivery confirmation

Let the customer know their order has been processed successfully and they should receive it as planned. Send them their tracking ID along with the confirmation.

Use the email widget below to contact the customer.

Alternatively, you can connect this step with Clicksend to automatically send the customer an SMS with their product name and tracking ID.

Record completed delivery in CRM

Keep a record in your own systems of the successful delivery and completion of the order process. 

Use the form field below to confirm the completed process.

You can integrate Process Street with other systems to help you track and record this data. Within Process Street we integrate our sales data with by using Zapier. 

You can see an example of integrating with via Zapier at this video of setting up a client onboarding process.

Assign a follow up to check customer satisfaction

It is important for customer satisfaction to check on whether clients were happy with your service. This can help you improve your processes in future and increase the quality of your products. 

Use the email widget below to alert a member of your customer support team to check on the customer after a specified period of time.

You can learn more about customer follow-ups here:
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And you can find a series of follow-up email templates from HubSpot here:
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