It is becoming increasingly apparent in the healthcare industry that the patient experience and overall patient satisfaction is an important metric that directly impacts patient recovery and provides significant opportunities to optimize internal processes.

High patient satisfaction scores usually result in higher reimbursement payments from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), better patient retention rates, and the assurance for hospital staff that they fostered a positive experience for patients. - xtelligent MEDIA

In fact, a recent report from Vocera showed that patient satisfaction is the top-ranked priority at healthcare organizations, and that 64 percent of organizations value patient experience leaders the same as they value patient safety and clinical workflow leaders.

This checklist provides a simple and effective way to collect important feedback from patients as it related to the care they received or are currently receiving at your facility.

Responses to the following questions will provide actionable insight into how patients are feeling about their treatment, and what can be done to deliver a more satisfying experience in the future.

Its all about continuously optimizing processes to deliver the best care possible!

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Record basic details


Doctors are clear when explaining the reason for medical tests

My doctor's office has everything needed to provide complete medical care

The medical care I have been receiving is just about perfect

Doctors do not make me wonder if their diagnosis is correct

I feel confident that I can get the medical care I need without being set back financially

I do not have to pay more than I can afford for my medical care

I have easy access to the medical specialists I need

Where I get medical care, people do not have to wait too long for emergency treatment

My doctors treat me in a very friendly and courteous manner

Those who provide my medical care show patience and respect

Doctors do not ignore what I tell them

I trust the ability of the doctors who treat me

It's easy to get an appointment for medical care right away

I am satisfied with the medical care I receive

I am able to get medical care whenever I need it

Final thoughts:

Disclose any additional comments from the patient

If there are any additional comments/general thoughts that the patient would like to leave, note them down in the section below. 


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