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No matter what kinds of systems you have in your organization or installed for your clients, scheduled maintenance is unavoidable. The best thing you can do to help is ensure everyone that will be affected is notified ahead of time.

The purpose of this process is to generate a report for notifying departments of scheduled maintenance.

See an example of the report below:

It's also useful as a reminder of how to format scheduled maintenance notifications, and a way to easily train new staff.

(For an automated way to notify users of maintenance, it might be possible to feed the software's status page to a Slack channel using Zapier.)

Identify the affected products, servers, systems, etc.

Identify affected departments

Edit the form fields below to reflect the departments in your organization.

Identify the dates and times of unavailability or disruption

Predict the effects of maintenance on accessibility and usability

Effects of maintenance on {{form.Description_of_the_affected_products,_servers,_systems,_etc._(e.g._Email_server)}}:

Notify all affected departments of the scheduled maintenance

Here your scheduled maintenance report:

Scheduled Maintenance

Start date: {{form.Start_date}}
End date: {{form.End_date}}

Affected systems: {{form.Description_of_the_affected_products,_servers,_systems,_etc._(e.g._Email_server)}}

Affected department(s):


Effects of scheduled maintenance:



You can also use this email widget below to notify the relevant departments: