Introduction to Site Inspection Checklist:

Site Inspection Checklist - Process Street

This site inspection checklist is geared toward the formal inspection of construction sites to provide the high standards set across the industry are being met

You can run this site inspection checklist every time you, as an inspector, visit a construction site to assess adherence to safety and operating standards. 

Each task within this checklist is geared to a different segment of items to be checked. Within each task are further details to be checked and monitored. 

We've provided simple Yes/No checklist options for each item which needs to be checked along with upload fields to provide evidence of what you're checking. You can upload photos or files in these fields depending on what you're looking to measure. 

If you add this to your Process Street account then you can edit the template to suit your specific needs, adding form fields and upload fields wherever you please. 

One of the most important aspects of running inspections is performing them on a regular basis and accurately reporting and documenting how they have been run and who by. In Process Street, this is done automatically every time you run a checklist. 

In the template overview tab, you will see a table with drag and drop columns which records the data for each checklist as a separate spreadsheet row. If you need to compile all your site inspections to present them then you can export the data from the overview tab as a CSV file. This will contain a record of the checklists you have run along with all the results of the checklists.

Site inspections are a vital part of making sure industry rules and regulations are adhered to. Employ this checklist to ease the process and raise standards.  

Record site details

Use the form fields below to record the details of the site

Record project details

Record the details of the project in the form fields below.

Monitor site control practices

Site control practices are representative of a site's overall management. These methods of reporting and tracking the overall important factors impacting on the site should be being adhered to.

Detailed records should be being kept and organization should be evident. Use the form fields below to upload evidence of performance on the various tasks presented.

Check site facilities

Review site tidiness and accessibility

Assess the use of personal safety equipment

Adherence to safety regulations and best practices should be evident from the management to the staff on the ground. A failure to transmit these priorities appropriately presents a worry for other areas of safety and adherence. 

Use the form fields below to gather evidence of either positive or negative findings on-site. 

Review first aid and fire safety strategy and adherence

  • 1
    Fire extinguishers are available
  • 2
    Fire extinguishers are up to date - within last 12 months
  • 3
    There are a sufficient number of fire extinguishers

Inspect cranes and hoisting equipment

Assess all compressed air equipment

Appropriate training on equipment, appropriate storage of equipment, and appropriate maintenance of equipment are all vital elements in creating and keeping a secure and safe on-site environment.

Use the form fields below to report site behavior. 

Check all excavations

Monitor welding and gas cutting operations

Perform standard review of electrical equipment

There were 51,000 electrical fires in the US in 2015 and they contributed directly to the deaths of 500 people. 

The job of an inspector is to root out these problems before they occur. If the electrical equipment on-site is not up to standard then that presents a red flag for the work the contractors are doing on the project. 

Use the form fields below to record the electrical situation on-site. 

Review chemical policy and adherence

Inspect site approach to tools

Examine all site scaffolding

Working at heights is a dangerous part of working in the construction industry.

The construction industry is the most dangerous industry in which to work in America.

As an inspector, it is vital you assess the behaviors and strategies in place which present risks to safety. 

Use the form fields below to record information about site scaffolding.

Check ladder use and practices

Search for fall hazards

Provide any further overall notes

Now that the inspection has been completed, use this space below to record any further notes you believe are pertinent. 

Congratulations on completing the inspection.


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