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Planning your meals and sticking to them is a great way to live a healthy lifestyle, to lose weight, or even to save money!

This checklist is designed to help you plan a weekly meal schedule and stick to it. 

You can either use the meal plan provided in the weekly meal planner or build a custom one. You can then follow this plan each day and record whether or not you stuck to the plan.

If you didn't stick to the plan, you record how you strayed from the path of healthy eating

After running this checklist weekly for a number of weeks, you will be able to see in the template overview tab they days where you are most likely to fail and why.

Identifying the problem is the first step to overcoming it. 

Check out this video below for some inspiration!

Gravity Training Zone - How to Stick to a Diet


Read the example meal plan

Weekly Meal Plan Inspiration

To help you plan your meals, we've included this example meal plan. 

This follows a Paleo diet structure and hopefully gives you some healthy inspiration from which to plan your own. 

If you scroll to the end of this plan, we've provided a breakdown and explanation of the paleo diet which you can read to better understand the ideas behind paleo and both its supporters and detractors.

You can follow this meal plan directly, or use the next task to create a custom meal plan of your own.

Let's begin!



For breakfast, we can start off with a paleo omelette.

A 3 egg omelette which you can fill or not fill with whatever vegetables or meats you have around. 

We recommend onion, bell peppers, and some extra flavour from heavily cured Jamon Iberico.


Why not try a large salad with protein thrown in there? A caesar salad, for instance.

A host of different leaves with some grilled chicken breast gives you the basics. 

To add something special to it, fry off some diced bacon or pancetta and add a little Dijon mustard to your dressing.


Something quick, light, and healthy. Try apple slices with almond butter. Walnuts also go great with apple provided you don't have any allergies. 


Dinner time is treat time. We want lots of protein and lots of flavor!

Slow cooked pulled pork is a great, and surprisingly easy, evening meal. 

Once you have a slow cooker, you can set your food cooking and forget about it until it's time to prep! Low effort with high reward!

BigBQ - Slow Cooker Pulled Pork



For some fruity vitamins and some natural sugar to start the day, paleo banana bread has your back.

You can consider adding some lemon curd to it if you're brave... It's better than it sounds, trust me!


A big load of blanched/sauteed vegetables. Depending on the time of the year, you could lean toward winter veggies or focus more on the traditional Mediterranean spread.

If you take your life seriously, you'll caramelize those onions! 


Snacks are simple, but they can also hit you with a load of nutrition. Top up your protein with a tin of tuna. 

Throw some extra virgin olive oil over it with some loosely diced spring onion and a squeeze of lemon if you want to bring out the fresh bite and salt of the tuna.

Or try one of these recipes.


Let's have a nice warming dinner today. The paleo chicken and cauliflower stew is packing warmth and goodness while bursting with flavour. - How to Caramelize Onions



Sticking on our banana breakfast theme, let's have some banana pancakes for breakfast. 

If you want to add something extra, why not try making some paleo friendly Nutella to go with them?


Squeeze in a good amount of vitamins with a paleo tomato soup.

Make it with red peppers or throw in some jalapenos for extra flavor.


Try some paleo trail mix as an ongoing snack through the day.


Back to the Mediterranean for dinner with stuffed bell peppers.

All it takes is beef, veg, and 45 minutes total prep and cooking time.

Tim Rosanelli - Stuffed Peppers: Paleo Style Recipe



Kick off your Thursday with a sweet treat: cinnamon apple muffins!

Yes, it sounds like a dessert - but this is the luxurious life you're now living with your new plan!

Apple, eggs, honey, cinnamon, coconut flour, and a few extra ingredients.

Bake up and start your day!


We all like a BLT. But have you tried it sans bread?

"How would that work?" I hear you ask. Simple. Replace the bread with lettuce

The big plus side? With less bread to fill you up, you can eat more bacon!


Back in the 1800s, the normal bar snack - often provided as a complimentary accompaniment to a drink - was the classic hard-boiled egg.

Even now, in some parts of the world, a hard-boiled egg can be purchased from behind the bar as one would peanuts or crisps. Of course, over time the pickled egg overcame its fresh adversary but there's no reason we can't go against the grain!

Boil a couple of eggs in the morning or the night before and snack on one whenever you feel a little peckish. A little salt and cracked black pepper, and you can't go too far wrong. 


Hoy somos Mexicanos! Es hora de fajitas!

We're going to pull the same trick as with the BLT - make extra chicken and fried vegetables and use your lettuce to wrap them up! 

Alternatively, you can use the skins of baked sweet potatoes to wrap your tasty Mexican goodness. 

Vaya! Vaya! Paleo fajitas! 

Delish - How to Make a No-Bread BLT



Don't say we don't treat you.

Celebrate your Friday with a breakfast of steak and eggs.

I don't think we need to explain this one.



Keep the meaty theme going with a monster sandwich

Pretty much include whatever hams and cured meats you can get your hands on. 

Some thinly sliced salami, pastrami, serrano, and capicola would be a good start. 

However, to keep this paleo, replace the bread with halves of a bell pepper

For the committed, drizzle some extra virgin olive oil and a dash of sticky balsamic onto the bell pepper halves and grill them until they've softened. Thank me later.


Okay, we're going to have sweet potato now but we're going to do it a little differently. 

Slice the sweet potato thinly and throw it in the toaster. Then mash some avocado with some oil, salt, and pepper and spread it on top. 

As fine a snack as you'll have with a lot potential variations.


For dinner, we can have some paleo fried chicken fingers with almond

Pair them with some veg or a salad to round the meal off. 

Chicago's Best - Steak and Eggs, The View



Keeping the sweet potato vibe, let's start the day with sweet potato hash browns with eggs

You can scramble the eggs, fry the eggs, poach the eggs, whatever you want!

As long as you enjoy the eggs!


Finger food today with a cured meats and vegetable deli board.

Bring back into play the same meats as we had on Friday, plus any extra chicken or steak strips or anything. Bring it all to the table.

Roast off your Mediterranean vegetables, and keep some others raw for dipping into hummus, guacamole, and a range of chutneys.

Remember to buy quality deli meat, not the fake processed stuff you'll find in a regular supermarket aisle. Shop local and visit your nearest charcuterie or butcher if possible.

Granted, that's an easier ask in some parts of the world than it is in others.


Nuts and seeds are a great way to hit your natural vitamins, fats, and proteins.

Carry a selection of nuts with you. Throw some extra almonds in there, and maybe toast them beforehand if you're feeling a little saucy.


I'll throw out some ingredients, you tell me how you feel about them:

Sundried tomatoes.

What if I told you it was possible to have all four in the same meal?

That's right, Saturday night dinner is a tomato and bacon wrapped meatloaf.

Have fun!

Eater - The Basics of Charcuterie Explained



Start the day with some poached eggs served on a bed of veggies like asparagus, pimientos padron, bell peppers, and eggplant. 

Grill the vegetables and finish them off in the frying pan with oil and herbs from the south of France. 


Time for a traditional British Sunday roast. 

Leave the Yorkshire puddings and roast potatoes out of your recipe, otherwise replace with sweet potatoes and keep it almost the same.  

Consider using duck, honey roast ham, or a game bird like a partridge or pheasant to keep a traditional British feel. 

Take a look at some traditional options.


Snack on your Paleo trail mix for some light pickings throughout the day. 


Take leftover meat and veggies from your Sunday roast throw them in the wok for a bit of a stir fry.

BBC Good Food - Gary Rhodes New British Classics

What is a Paleo plan?

What makes it paleo and why is it so popular at the moment?

The paleo theory goes deeper than simply a nutritional approach. The paleo diet is based - correctly or not - on the notion that humans have evolved over time to consume a particular diet. Because humans have traditionally eaten certain foods, the paleo approach implies that the converse is important; that humans haven't traditionally eaten other foods. 

This understanding, or perspective, of human dietary history is core to the paleo mindset and methods. 

It is grounded in the assumption that for most of - what we can reasonably call - human history, the diet of homo-sapiens has consisted of meat, veg, fruit, and other nuts and seeds. This is the diet of the pre-agricultural hunter-gatherer. This stage of human development is held up as a kind of "default state" of human being - what 17th Century philosophers like Thomas Hobbes may have had in mind when discussing the State of Nature.

The Paleo thesis continues from this historical grounding to find fault in the modern diet. Processed food, food formed through agricultural methods, and foodstuffs with large concentrations of certain vitamins and minerals, are seen to be products of a modern age and are having a detrimental impact on our collective health.

Their claims are arguably backed up by certain scientific claims - as the Independent outlines in an in-depth piece from 2015. However, they cite the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition's metastudy into the health benefits and risks of dairy which claims the positives outweigh the negatives. 

On the other hand, beyond the minutiae, broader health trends across Western nations show the relationship between diet and health to be a major problem facing society - with obesity being declared an epidemic by the American Heart Association

The paleo diet, whether built on stone or built on sand, does encourage strong consideration of the food we consume and its effects on our bodies. There is an emphasis on organic and sustainable methods with a prioritizing of traditional-wisdom healthy foods and a rejection of foods we already think to be unhealthy.

Moreover, the experiences of adherents to this diet appear to be overwhelmingly positive, with participants citing improved health, lost weight, and better mental well-being - even if not everyone follows the practice 100%.

Plan your meals in advance

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You can give yourself a treat on Friday if you want to - we won't tell anyone...

















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