Introduction to Construction Progress Report:

Construction Progress Report - Process Street

This construction progress report is engineered to assist you in effective client communication. 

In long-term projects, it is vital to keep clients up to date at regular intervals on what is occurring on site and within the scope of the project. It is important to manage expectations and to be honest and clear with clients about how the project is progressing. 

This effective approach to project management and customer service improves your chances of repeat business and long-term company success. 

This process is written somewhat differently to traditional Process Street templates. Our normal approach is to show each step as an actionable task. 

In this template, we aim to present a guide where you can enter information, and from that information automatically generate a report. You can follow this process by following the steps and entering in the pertinent information into the form fields provided.

We have engineered this report to work best when combined with a document producing software like Webmerge. This requires connecting your Process Street account with Webmerge through a third party automation tool like Zapier. You can read an introduction to integrating Process Street with Zapier here. 

You can then create your document template in Webmerge where you add your branding and styling, and automatically pull the information you enter into Process Street form fields into your Webmerge template

You can see an example of how you can construct a document within Webmerge from data entered into Process Street here in an article about our invoice generator.

The Zapier zap you'll need to connect the two accounts can be found here. I recommend having a play with it first to understand how Zapier works if you're not already familiar. 

This automated connection between your Process Street template and Webmerge is a one-time setup process which will continue as long as you have each account active. 

The Webmerge and Process Street zap from Zapier

Project Details

Use the form fields in this section to record the details of the project. 

Remember, all information you enter into these fields can then be pulled into your Webmerge template. 

Treat everything you enter in these form fields throughout as if you are saying it directly to the client themselves. 

Current vs Expected Progress

Potential Causes for Concern

Progress by Key Performance Indicators

Current Quality Overview

Weather Impact Review

Weather is an uncontrollable variable, but one which can be fairly accurately mapped. 

You should demonstrate to the client that you are aware of any challenges the weather may present to the project, or has presented to the project, and that you have a strategy to deal with this. 

Use the form fields below to outline your approach.

Ongoing Health and Safety Report

External Factors for Consideration

Earned Value Analysis

Earned Value Analysis is an industry standard way of looking at a project and working out its progress at any given point in time. 

This involves a forecast of both completion date and final cost, and does so in a way which relates back to the original budget and schedule demands. 

It is important to present an Earned Value Analysis to the client to be open and honest about the performance of the project. 

You can read more about EVA here.

Use the form field below to document your EVA.

Potential Obstacle Review

Requested Feedback on Progress Report

Considerations for Following Progress Report

It is useful to make the client aware of what they will be receiving in the following progress report. As the construction cycle moves into new areas, it is likely that there will be entries in the next report which do not appear in the current one. 

Use the form fields below to make clear what is happening in the next stage of construction and how that will be reported back. 

Generate report

If you have set this checklist up to integrate with Webmerge through Zapier, this is the task to trigger the transfer of data. 

Simply check to complete this task and your information will be automatically exported to Webmerge and it will create your report based on the parameters you have set. 


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