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Zapier Examples (50+ Ways to Connect Process Street)

Zapier Examples (50+ Ways to Connect Process Street)

Updated March 7, 2024

Below are a number of examples of how you can integrate Process Street with other apps via Zapier.


The biggest CRM in the world just got bigger. Integrating Salesforce with Process Street is simple with Zapier. Keep Salesforce automatically updated with Process Street activity, or use Salesforce as a way to trigger checklists that will help you close deals. already cuts a lot of tedious work by keeping automated logs, so integrating it with Zapier takes that even further. Use as the trigger for your sales workflows in Process Street to track your funnel in more detail.

Google Calendar

Google can scrape details like times and dates from Process Street comments and slot them into your Google Calendar to automatically arrange meetings with clients, schedule follow up calls and more.


Integration with PayPal means you can automate workflows for lost sales and coordinate your team to rescue the customer.


CRM and pipeline management software Pipedrive just got even more powerful. Linking it with Process Street allows sales teams to run microprocesses and keep track of it all from the Process Street dashboard, as well as updating Pipedrive with data from Process Street.

Help Scout

Whether you use this as a way to train new employees how to deal with tickets, or to make sure you’re providing the best possible service, integrating Process Street with Help Scout is a way to go deeper with customer success and use recurring workflows to track your progress.


Set this Intercom and Process Street integration to watch the last task in your onboarding process so the customer’s status will be automatically updated. If you control tagging with Process Street, you’ll always know where your customers stand and be able to see the process your team has gone through.


The moment sales ends, customer success can be there to step in. Run your new customer onboarding checklist inside Process Street and never miss a chance to quickly reach out.


Ensure customer success and track your team’s progress through the onboarding procedure from the Process Street dashboard. Integrating Stripe with Zapier, you can run checklists pre-formatted with data taken from Stripe, like amount and payee.


If you follow a process to follow up with customers returning NPS questionnaires or general feedback, this Typeform and Process Street integration will help streamline the process by linking the two together.


By integrating Process Street with Wufoo you’re able store checklist data in forms or trigger workflows to track customer success teams as they deal with feedback.


Integrate Process Street with Asana to share tasks, comments and attachments between the two apps as well as trigger Process Street checklists automatically.


Add a new level of depth to your Basecamp projects with Process Street checklists. Basecamp can act as a notification hub, gathering information from Process Street and posting it as messages on Basecamp to cut down the amount of time you team spends splitting their attention between different apps.


Teamwork‘s powerful suite of apps (Desk, Projects and Chat) now integrate with Process Street to trigger workflows and post notifications in your team communication channels.


Use Trello as a trigger to create new Process Street checklists, or create cards in Trello to report checklist activity to your team. Process Street’s dashboard gives you a quick overview of your processes and lets you see who is assigned to what, increasing employee engagement and accountability.


Content curators rejoice! Links inside your content curation processes can now be automatically sent to your social media channels with this Process Street and Buffer integration.


By integrating Process Street with Evernote you can trigger a content writing workflow to help turn your rough ideas (drafted down in Evernote) into great articles.


Run your Mailchimp email campaigns through a foolproof checklist to catch any errors, make sure the campaign is being sent to the right groups, and give final approval for delivery.


Content promotion teams can now use automatically triggered and assigned workflows every time an RSS feed is updated. If you have a content promotion process, set it up to run each time there’s a new post on your blog.


Keep track of outreach by running a new process whenever you’re the topic of conversation on Twitter. The idea is to set up a reminder to thank those who shared your content and do the same back from them. An example checklist could be 1. Thank the sharer, 2. Favorite a tweet of theirs, 3. Follow them, etc.

Breezy HR

Breezy HR‘s employee onboarding functionality is much more effective when enhanced with Process Street checklists. Run an employee onboarding or screening process and assign it to those with the skills to get the job done.

People HR

People HR makes it easy to keep track of employee leave and time at work, making it powerful when combined with Process Street’s employee offboarding or new hire checklists.


Slack integrated with Process Street can act a notification centre, directing all in-app checklist activity to a central hub and keeping everyone in the loop.


Create a separate, shared archive of Process Street attachments and access them on desktop, Android or iOS with the Dropbox app.

Google Drive

Google Drive isn’t just a place to store Process Street attachments, you can also import documents in a format ready to be edited inside the app, meaning no more downloads clogging your hard drive. Check out more Google Drive tips here.


We also integrate Process Street with Box, because we haven’t forgotten about you Box fans! Automatically copy all Process Street attachments to a specified Box location with this integration.


Take copies of all Process Street attachments with you wherever you go with this Process Street-OneDrive integration. Whenever a file is added to a Process Street checklist, Zapier automatically adds a copy to OneDrive.


For teams with outsourced members, managing multiple invoices through Ronin can be tracked through Process Street checklists, to review work and ensure the invoice is processed on time.


Creating databases from Process Street activity can be used to create a searchable database of comments and checklist titles, while Zapier’s email parser can scrape data from emails and populate checklists with that data, like the email body, subject, the ‘to’ field, and more.

Google Sheets

Google Sheets is insanely powerful for creating databases by scraping information from around the web. Try feeding activity to one searchable sheet for keeping track of all your team’s work.


For teams that don’t use Slack, Hipchat or any kind of enterprise chat app, fear not. You can still keep your notifications from different places together by adding them to a dedicated RSS feed and using something like Feedly to catch up.

Make your own Process Street integrations

We’ve not covered everything here. I mean, if we had, this post would have thousands of Process Street integrations. There’s a good chance you’ll want to play around with other integrations, and you definitely should.

Zapier has both free and paid plans starting at $20/user/month, so if you’re serious about putting your apps to work for you, start your free trial here.

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