Introduction to the Construction Proposal Template:

Construction Proposal Template - Process Street

The construction proposal template is geared to guide you through drafting a document to a potential client when bidding on a project for which you have already been briefed. 

This template works on the use case that many large construction firms are presented with the brief for a development project and asked to assess and cost the project to submit their official proposal. 

As you work through this template, you will find form fields where you can enter the necessary information to put into the proposal document. This template will work through these steps and guide the presentation of the report and the exposition of your company and the requirements of the project. 

This process is written somewhat differently to traditional Process Street templates. Our normal approach is to show each step as an actionable task. 

In this template, we aim to present a guide where you can enter information, and from that information automatically generate a report. You can follow this process by following the steps and entering in the pertinent information into the form fields provided.

We have engineered this report to work best when combined with a document producing software like Webmerge. This requires connecting your Process Street account with Webmerge through a third party automation tool like Zapier. You can read an introduction to integrating Process Street with Zapier here. 

You can then create your document template in Webmerge where you add your branding and styling, and automatically pull the information you enter into Process Street form fields into your Webmerge template

You can see an example of how you can construct a document within Webmerge from data entered into Process Street here in an article about our invoice generator.

The Zapier zap you'll need to connect the two accounts can be found here. I recommend having a play with it first to understand how Zapier works if you're not already familiar. 

This automated connection between your Process Street template and Webmerge is a one-time setup process which will continue as long as you have each account active

The Webmerge and Process Street zap from Zapier

Checklist details

Use this section to record the details needed to run this checklist.

Once you have completed the Project Scope and Proposal, your work will need to be approved by the relevant personnel in your time. This will usually be your supervisor or project manager. Take the time to fill out the details below:

Client Details

Use this space to record the client details for the report you're drafting. 

The form fields below allow you to enter the data so that it can be pulled to other sources. 

Company Details

Overview of the Project

You likely have been briefed on the project and have a solid understanding of what is required. However, one of the most common stumbling blocks of any project is a misunderstanding of exact desired requirements and expectations. 

Use the form field below to outline the project as you see it to make sure both you and the client are on the same page and there has been no misinterpretation. 

Our Company

Remember, this is the text the client will see and use to understand who your company is and what you stand for. 

Use this opportunity to craft an image of your company that is appealing. Utilize your branding strategy and set out your company aims and values.  

Our Portfolio

Project Scope and Proposal:

All Work to be Completed

Within this form field below, go into as much detail as possible about the different steps required to complete the project. This should be an in-depth exploration of the work you will undertake which demonstrates to the client your rigor and attention to detail. 

Use the form field below to detail this

Details of Materials Required

Our Project Management Approach

Our Expectations of our Clients

A large project is not simply a one-way street. For you client to take you seriously, you need to outline the relationship which will exist for the project to be a success. For this, you are required to lay out what the client needs to do on their end to assist in the completion of the project. 

This could be simple standard things like access to plans and budgets, or it could be more negotiated items like provision of toilet facilities and catering

Even things which are patently obvious should be included here to avoid confusion. 

Use the form field below to document this.

Proposed Project Schedule

The proposed project schedule needs to be reviewed and approved by the relevant personnel in your team.

Necessary Permits

Logistics Strategy Overview

Our Budget Overview


Will be submitted for approval:
  • All Work to be Completed
    Will be submitted
  • Details of Materials Required
    Will be submitted
  • Our Project Management Approach
    Will be submitted
  • Our Expectations of our Clients
    Will be submitted
  • Proposed Project Schedule
    Will be submitted
  • Necessary Permits
    Will be submitted
  • Logistics Strategy Overview
    Will be submitted
  • Our Budget Overview
    Will be submitted

Generate report

Click to complete this task to send your data from the previous form fields to Webmerge for your document to auto-generate. 

Within Zapier, you should select this task as your trigger. Clicking to complete will begin the sharing of information between the platforms. 

Best of luck with your proposal! We're behind you!


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