Introduction to Two Factor Authentication:

This Process Street two factor authentication checklist is designed to walk you through setting up strong security on Google and Slack with help from a tool called Authy.

Why set up two-factor authentication?

Having secure logins on your accounts can stop other people accessing your information

Most of us use the same login details across lots of different websites. This means that if your login details get leaked by one website, then someone could try to use them to get into your other accounts. 

And we really don't want that. 

That's why this checklist is designed to add another layer of security to your accounts. 

It's a really simple process. 

How we will set up two-factor authentication

Instead of just using your email and password, this method will use a mobile app called Authy to help you prove who you are when you log in. 

This mobile app is free in the AppStore and Playstore and you can use it for loads of different services online. 

The app holds something we call a token; a kind of digital key. It lets you prove to Google or Slack that you have the key and you can enter your account like normal. 

This process is automated and if you are logging in to your accounts on a trusted laptop or computer, you may not be asked for the key. This makes the experience much smoother. 

Even if someone else has your email and password, they won't be able to access your account without proving they have the key.  

Extra security options

As well as Authy, we will show you other security measures you can use.

We will show you how to use the Google app on your phone as a key too, plus how to set up security systems through text messages.

We also recommend the use of a password manager throughout the checklist to keep your passwords secure and to store extra information like backup codes.

You can find two password managers we recommend here:

Once you reach the end of the checklist, your key accounts should be secured and you should feel comfortable using Authy to enable two-factor authentication security across your other accounts!

Set up 2FA with Authy:

Download the Authy app

You can download the Authy app from the below links:

Our checklist will use a mobile version of Authy.

Enter your mobile phone number

Enter your mobile number into Authy to register the account to your device. 

Enter the email address of the Google account to use

Enter the email address of the account you want to sync your Authy app with. 

If you want Authy to secure your work accounts across Google and Slack, it makes sense to use your work email.

Use the form field below to record which account you have synced Authy with for your records.

Add a new Authy account with a backup password

Once the device has been registered, Authy will ask you to create a new Authy account. 

Doing so will prompt you to create a backup password which you can use in future to get into your account. 

Choose a password for this and save the password somewhere secure

We recommend using one of the password management tools to generate a strong password, and then to save that password within the password manager. 

Set up 2FA for Google:

Now you have Authy set up, you can set up two-factor authentication for your Google account.

Enter your My Account screen in your Google account

In the top right-hand corner of your Gmail or other Google app, you should see a small picture of yourself. If you click on that button, you should see a blue button on the dropdown menu called My Account. 

Once you click it, you should be taken to a screen which looks like the one below. 

Click on Sign-in & Security

Click on Sign-in & Security on your My Account screen to navigate to the section of your Google account where you can manage your Two Factor Authentication options.

Enter into the 2-Step Verification screen

If you scroll about halfway down the page on your Sign-in & Security screen, you should see a section dedicated to Two Factor Authentication.

In the little menu presented, click the arrow next to 2-Step Verification to begin setting up 2FA in your account.

Follow the security wizard to set up 2FA

The wizard is intuitive and easy to follow. 

Follow the instructions and make sure you go through each step identified in the subchecklist below:

  • 1
    Click Get Started
  • 2
    Enter a mobile phone number
  • 3
    Enter the verification code sent to your mobile
  • 4
    Confirm to turn on 2FA

Generate backup codes

When you have confirmed you want to turn on 2FA, Google will show you a series of options for adding extra security to your account. 

Click to set up Backup codes

Google should present you with a series of codes which you can save in a secure location in case you are left without access to your phone in future. 

Save your backup codes as a note in your password manager

The screen with the backup codes should look like the one below. 

As mentioned at the beginning of this checklist, we recommend you copy these codes and save them into your password manager's notes section.

If you click Get New Codes then the old codes will become invalid.  

Set up Google prompts

Please select in the dropdown below whether your phone is already set up for easy access to Google Prompts.

If you selected No on the dropdown above, mark this task as completed and move on to the next task.

If your phone is an Android or you have an iPhone 5S or more recent with the Google app installed, simply click Add Phone.

It will send a prompt to your Google app. 

Open the app to accept and to allow push notifications.

Download the Google app

You can download the Google app for iOS here: AppStore

Log in with your Google account

Log in with the Google account you want to use for the 2FA process.

Click to set up Google prompts again

Return to your Google account's Sign-in & Security page to attempt the process again.

You should see the following option:

Click on Add Phone and Google will send a prompt to your app. 

Simply accept the prompt within your Google app and the process is complete.

Connect with Authy for when you are offline

Connect your Google account with an Authenticator app like Authy. 

Click Set Up to begin the process. 

Google will show you a QR code.

Simply scan that code with your Authy app and it will generate a 6 digit code. 

Move to the next screen in your Google process to enter the code and verify your Authy app.

The code only lasts for 30 seconds before another one is generated.  

Set up 2FA for Slack:

Finally, use Authy to set up your two-factor authentication with Slack.

Enter into your Slack Account screen

In the top left of your Slack screen you will see the name of the organization which the Slack account is dedicated to. 

If you click on that name a dropdown should appear where you can navigate to your Account screen. 

Click to expand Two Factor Authentication

Click on Two-Factor Authentication to expand that section and see whether 2FA is set up already on your account. 

Select Setup Two Factor Authentication

Select the button to setup 2FA.

You will be prompted for your password to your Slack account, so have it to hand. 

Choose Use an app

Slack will present you with two options for enabling 2FA. 

If you select Use an app then Slack will take you to a screen where you can connect with Authy. 

Scan the barcode and enter the 6 digits in the box below

Slack will display a QR code as shown in the image below. 

Use Authy to scan the QE code on your screen. Authy will then generate a code which you need to re-enter into Slack to complete the process. 

Authy will check the details of the app with you before showing the 6 digit code. 

Save your backup codes to a note in your password manager

Slack will give you backup codes like Google did. 

Copy these and save them to your password manager's notes section, as before. 

Log back into Slack on your mobile app

If you have set up 2FA for Slack via your browser or desktop client, Slack should have signed you out on your mobile phone. 

Log back into Slack now so that you can continue receiving notifications on your mobile. 

Congratulations! Your Two Factor Authentication journey is now complete. You can set up 2FA with more services via Authy through the same processes.


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