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How to Start a Corporation Checklist

How to Start a Corporation Checklist

Run this how to start a corporation checklist when you want to start a new business. It will guide you through the various necessary steps to get you up and running!
Introduction to How to Start a Corporation Checklist:
Prepare a business plan
Purchase your domain name
Corporation vs LLC
Obtain your EIN
Contact the state taxation department
Research any specialist licenses you may need
Plan your legal and accounting set up
Open a business bank account
Purchase business insurance
Find office space
Set up your operating processes
Create your business identity
Create your website
Build your marketing plan
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Introduction to How to Start a Corporation Checklist:

Process Street – How to Start a Corporation Checklist

Starting a new business is a brave step toward creating something valuable to others. 

With this how to start a corporation checklist, we at Process Street hope to be able to provide a clear set of necessary steps to guide you. 

There are links throughout to different useful resources and tools to help make the process as smooth as possible. 

Use the form fields provided to record information.

Watch this video below to ease into the process.

MJ Gottlieb – The Startup Entrepreneur Guide to Starting a Business

Prepare a business plan

Creating a business plan is a crucial part of understanding what your business is going to be like, where it needs to go, and how it is going to get there

Here are 3 links to give you some context on writing a business plan:

You can use the following form fields to help you prepare the basics.

Watch the following video from Business Wales to get a quick overview.

Business Wales – How to Write a Business Plan

Purchase your domain name

When you have the name of your business decided, purchase a domain name from GoDaddy or Google Domains

Read one of these articles from Moz or GoDaddy about important considerations when choosing a domain name.

Corporation vs LLC

Choosing your business structure depends largely on what goals your business has. 

In the US, you have 3 principal options:

  • LLC
  • S-Corp
  • C-Corp

An LLC is a joint partnership where the owners are taxed on their dividends. A C-corporation works differently; it exists as a separate entity and pays tax on its profits. If you’re the owner of a C-Corp, you risk being taxed twice: once on company profits and once on personal gains. 

The S-Corp exists in the middle and is structured similarly to a C-Corp while avoiding the double taxation. It is worth researching which of these options would be best for your business.

Read these articles for a deeper explanation:

Obtain your EIN

An EIN is an Employer Identification Number. This is also known as the Federal Tax Identification Number, and is a very important number to have if you’re setting up a business!

You can get an EIN from the IRS – and you can register for it online right now. 

Click here to apply for your EIN.

Contact the state taxation department

Some states will require you to get a state tax identification number too. 

Contact your state taxation department to enquire about the laws in your state and begin your application process. 

Find the right email address and use our email widget below.

Research any specialist licenses you may need

Certain industries have more regulations than others. 

If you are hoping to run a bar, or any venue which will be serving alcohol, you will need the necessary personal and property licenses to allow you to operate

Investigate your industry and find out what licenses you need to acquire.

Open a business bank account

When you open your business account, take the time to shop around for a good deal

Some banks may offer easier access to credit in return for your services, while others may have very user-friendly web portals which you feel more comfortable using. 

There are a lot of things to consider. Here’s an article outlining 6 mistakes that small businesses often make – read it and avoid them.

Purchase business insurance

Purchasing business insurance is a whole process in itself. 

This could be a complicated or simple process depending on the industry in which you’re working.

Read this extensive guide from WikiHow to  you through the different steps.

Find office space

When you’re starting off, you’re presented with a number of options. 

You could go for traditional office space – however, this can prove expensive for a business before it has gained substantial revenue. 

A cheaper alternative would be to use a coworking space. WeWork is one of the largest networks of coworking spaces. They are cheaper than traditional offices and the utilities and wifi are maintained by the organization. This is also a useful way to build a professional network.

Many startups avoid committing to office space in their early life. If it is feasible, consider working from home and organizing your team remotely to save on extra costs.

Set up your operating processes

Decide on how your organization is going to operate. 

Think about the services or products you provide and envision the best ways these can be provided. 

Process Street can help you map and follow your internal processes. For instance, if you’re going to be utilizing outbound sales strategies, you may wish to look at some of our sales templates:

You can use these checklists directly or as inspiration to build custom templates to suit your business needs.

Create your business identity

Deciding upon your business identity involves crafting the right public image to fit your product or services. 

This could include a logo, colors, font, and more. For advice and guidance, read one of our articles about how we rebranded Process Street with the help of a designer.

Create your website

Creating a website for your company is easier than most people think.

You may be a tech wizard and need no help with this. If that’s the case, go forth and build!

However, for those who aren’t developers, you have two main choices.

You can build a website using an existing platform which will be affordable and serve most basic needs, or you can hire someone to create you a custom website.

Some platforms which provide simple ways to create a website are:

If you want to hire a freelancer, you can either hire locally or through an online marketplace. Two options are:

  • Upwork – Generally lower prices but with a large choice of potential developers.
  • Crew – Higher prices with a smaller curated group of developers to choose from.

Build your marketing plan

The core features of a marketing plan are:

  • Know your market
  • Know your goals
  • Know your strategy
  • Know your budget

Once you have understood these initial areas you can look to build out your plan, add depth, experiment, and iterate. 

Upload your marketing plan using the form field below.

For further reading, here are three articles which can give you a greater depth of understanding:


From all of us at Process Street, best of luck with your new venture!

Contact us in future to let us know you used our product to get started. We’d love to hear it!

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