This checklist is designed to integrate with Salesforce; by setting up an automation with Zapier or Webhooks, you can have this checklist auto-generate whenever a record is created in Salesforce.

For example, you could have this checklist generate whenever a record for a new trial sign-up is created in Salesforce.

This checklist will help you:

  • Check the formatting of the lead's info is correct;
  • Verify some of the data around the quality of the lead;
  • Send the updated information back to Salesforce assigned to a salesperson.

Assess the legitimacy of the lead

Look at the information below (pulled from Salesforce) and determine if this is a real lead or not.

If not, you can archive this checklist.

Name: {Field pulled from Salesforce}

Email: {Field pulled from Salesforce}

Company: {Field pulled from Salesforce}

Country: {Field pulled from Salesforce}

Phone: {Field pulled from Salesforce}

Format contact info

Original Info

Name: Name
Email: Email
Company: Company
Country: Country {Map URL pulled from Salesforce}
Phone: Phone

{Salesforce URL}

Search shortcuts: {name} | {website} | {email} | {company} | {name & company}

Assign to Rep

Lead Location: Country {map}
cb_employees: cb_employees

{Spreadsheet with campaign descriptions}

Select Employees >= 50 when a lead meets all the below requirements

 >= 50
Contact Location: USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Israel, Australia, NZ
Industry: Computer Software, Computer Networking, Computer Hardware, Computer & Network Security, Information Technology and Services, Internet, Wireless

Example: 75 employees, contact location USA, computer software company 

Approve contact info & send to Salesforce

Formatted Info:

Name: {{form.Formatted_First_Name}} {{form.Formatted_Last_Name}}
Company: {{form.Formatted_Company}}
Phone: {{form.Formatted_Phone}}
Assignment: {{form.Campaign}}
Tech Employees >= 50:  {{form.Number_of_Employees:}}
Employee Source: {{form.Employee_source}}

Original Info

Name: Name
Email: Email
Company: Company
Employees: cb_employees
Country: Country
Phone: Phone

{Salesforce URL}

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