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IT Manager Job Description Template

IT Manager Job Description Template

Run this checklist when you need to write a killer job description for onboarding a new IT manager.
Record details
Gather job information
Read an example job description
Writing The Job Description:
Decide the position title
Jot down responsibilities
Required qualifications
Highlight hierarchy structure
Include term of employment
Choose salary
Posting The Job Description:
Preparing for posting
Job description review
Choose where to post your job description
Post the job description
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Creating a job description to advertise a new vacancy requires research, speaking to managers and more. If you have never created a job posting before you may get lost in the process.

That’s why Process Street has created this IT Manager Job Description Template, to help you create your IT manager job description.

Information Technology (IT) managers are responsible for planning, coordinating and directing activities associated with information systems and computers.

IT managers consider companies current IT processes to suggest areas for improvement and system upgrades.

The most crucial role of an IT manager, however, is to ensure the security of companies electronic data. 

With the management of IT, you can discern whether you are going in the right direction in regards to your product and service in this ever-advancing technological world.

All in all, to ensure success in any aspect of IT, you need a proper management team leading everyone to the finish line. Using this template will ensure you get the best IT Manager candidates applying!

Before you begin this template, take the time to consider the below skills which make a good IT manager.

  1. Analytical and problem-solving skills
  2. Strong technical skills
  3. The ability to work well under pressure
  4. Attention to detail 
  5. Teamworking skills
  6. Organization and time management 
  7. Interpersonal and communication skills
  8. Management and leadership skills


Record details

Record the details of your business that is hiring. Do this by using the form fields below.

Your job title may not be ‘IT manager’ word for word. You can alter the job title to suit your unique position.

Gather job information

You will need to find out information regarding the IT manager job role. You will have to speak to the current manager of the relevant department and gather the information you need to post the job. Use the sub-checklist and form fields below to record everything you need.

  • 1

    Location of the job
  • 2

    Salary and benefits included
  • 3

    Examples of projects they will carry out
  • 4

    A summary of the job

Read an example job description

Have a look at the below IT manager job description example. This will give you a rough idea of what you are aiming to create.

Company: Newport Credentialing Solutions. LLC.
Address: 16 Atlantic Ave, Lynbrook, NY 11563
Job Title: IT Manager
Department: Information Technology
FLSA Data: FT, Exempt
Reports to: VP of Technology Solutions

Company Description:

Newport Credentialing Solutions is the nation’s premier provider of cloud-based software and services dedicated to the credentialing life cycle. Newport provides cloud-based workflow, analytics, and business intelligence credentialing software and cloud-enabled credentialing services to some of the largest academic medical centers, health systems, and multi-specialty group practices in the United States. Newport helps clients “Take Control” of their credentialing life cycle by streamlining operations, reducing credentialing related denials, and generating more cash for their organizations. The company has a “high energy” work environment that rewards innovation and represents a tremendous personal growth opportunity for the right professional.

For the right candidate, Newport is willing to offer a highly competitive base salary, performance bonus, and health benefits package.

Role Profile:

As IT Manager, you will be responsible for ensuring that all Newport and Newport Clients are adequately supported in all systems and software that Newport offers. You will also be responsible for managing Newport’s support staff as well as assist in making strategic IT decisions. Please note, these tasks are provided as a guide and you may be required to
perform additional duties in addition to these tasks.

Your primary responsibilities will include, but are not exclusive of the following:

• Provide management and guidance for IT support of desk-based computer hardware and software, diagnosing
and solving issues and escalating to 3rd Line where appropriate for internal/external users.
• Provide 2nd line of application support across all business systems, diagnosing and solving basic application
issues and routing/escalating where appropriate
• Work with and develop 2nd line support staff in regards to Network analyst, assisting with network, VMware, MS Exchange, data communication links and other infrastructure services as required.
• Log and track all incidents and requests on the Helpdesk system, providing regular updates to the customer and ensuring SLA’s are met and ensure that support staff is adequately doing the same.
• User admin including Active Directory admin, password resets, network drive mapping any other tasks as required
• Work with staff to ensure SLAs are met and a consistent IT service is delivered to the customer.
• Maintain a knowledge base of reoccurring issues & their associated fixes whilst investigating root causes.
• Carry out daily operational tasks, user administration, housekeeping tasks, and system monitoring to ensure the effective operation of IT systems and facilities.
• Carry out IT installations, implementations, configuration & rollouts & other technical duties as required
• Produce and maintain technical and procedural documentation as required
• Assist in the IT department with duties of which you will be capable, as and when required
• Be a second line of contact at the corporate office for all IT issues and maintain all assets and oversee the first line of contact
• Advise the IT Director of any planned IT Changes and assist in providing ideas back to the IT Director of improvements that can be made within the corporate office both through IT Process and new technology
• Develop and implement policies and procedures to support IT software and systems
• Develop and train IT staff
• Serve as primary technical implementation point of contact for Newport’s service and software clients
• Provide training on Newport software to internal and external users
• Provide demonstrations to potential, new, and existing customers

Technical Skills – Required

• 3rd Line Business Application support
• Demonstrable VMware skills
• MS Exchange
• Internet & routing protocols
• SQL Support
• Basic Development Skills
• Project Management Skills
• Understanding of Cloud Computing
• Amazon AWS Experience
• Network Security and Architecture Experience
• Microsoft Windows
• Active Directory and similar tools
• PC and Printer Hardware
• Microsoft Office
• Outlook
• Networking Protocols/technologies
• Server Administration

Non-Technical Skills – Required:

• management and supervisory skills
• team building skills
• analytical and problem solving skills
• decision making skills
Communication Skills:
• Good communication skills, both oral and written.
• Ability to translate technical issues and concepts into business language.
• Regular and timely communication of request/incident status

Personal Qualities:

Multi-tasking: Ability to handle multiple tasks at any one time and prioritize effectively.
Accuracy: Ability to ensure information, facts and figures are accurate and free from mistakes.
Sense of Urgency: Ability to respond as needed within an appropriate time-frame.
Problem Solving: Analytical thinker with ability to solve problems and seek support/help when needed.

Organization: Ability to organize effectively.
Team-Player: Ability to work both within and across teams to ensure work is completed with appropriate input from others.
Decision Making: Ability to make decisions on work issues that impact the successful completion of tasks.
Focus: Ability to work calmly & effectively under pressure to tight deadlines.
Customer Service: focused with demonstrable ‘soft skills’ and empathy with user’s issues.
Delivery: Delivery focused with a commitment to get the job done.
Extra Mile: Going above and beyond to exceed customer expectations.

Contact Information:

• Qualified candidates only
• Please submit resume to Newport Credentialing Solutions Department of Human Resources at:
[email protected]

Writing The Job Description:

Decide the position title

The first thing that catches a candidate’s eye when they are job hunting is the job title. This will give them a rough idea of what the IT manager position responsibilities will include and if they are able to fill it. Make sure that the title includes what the job will be, so in this case; an IT management role should include ‘IT  manager’ in the title.

Use the sub-checklist and form field below

  • 1

    Accurately describe nature of job
  • 2

    Is free of gender or age implications
  • 3

    It is self explanatory for recruitment purposes
  • 4

    It does not exaggerate importance of the role

Jot down responsibilities

The job description should contain a list of the duties and responsibilities associated with the IT manager role. You can also include how long each task should take. The list of duties and responsibilities will vary in length, but as a rule, should be as short as possible, otherwise, the document becomes an operational manual, not a job description.

Listed below are common responsibilities of IT managers:

  1. Speaking to the team and clients to find out what they want and need, and provide objective advice in regards to how IT might make a difference

  2. Plan the stages of the product and how each affects the business

  3. Coordinate the project team

  4. Adjust plans where needed

  5. Keeping management and clients updated on progress

  6. Agreeing costs, timescales, and standards that need to be met

  7. Evaluation of projects and project stages

  8. Coordinating the project team

Required qualifications

Once a candidate clicks on the job description, they will need to know if they are able to qualify academically or with work experience. Jotting down the needed qualifications for the job will ensure the candidate is able to know if they are able to apply for the role.

Highlight hierarchy structure

Reporting lines clarify the responsibilities of the position by showing who the candidate reports to and who reports to them. This is important, not only in relation to compliance issues but also to give the candidate a look into the structure of the organization and how the position they are applying to fits into it.

You can detail how the candidate will fit in your companies hierarchical structure using the long-text form field below.

Include term of employment

The term of employment can be an important piece of information for candidates as they want to know if they will be hired on a short-term basis or long-term basis and if they will need to be looking for another job in the near future. 

Choose salary

Instead of assigning a particular salary to the position, work out a salary range to include in the job description that is competitive with similar positions in other organizations and allows for variations in education and experience. 

The average IT manager salary in the US is $85,186 per year.

Posting The Job Description:

Preparing for posting

Once you have the post written you will need to get it prepared for posting. Find out how many candidates minimum you need, when the posting will close and if there is any further important information you need.

More than half of all applicants apply to jobs early in the week.

Job description review

Job Description Review

Job title: {{form.Job_Title_Final}}

Job location: {{form.Job_Location}}

Projects: {{form.Projects_That_Will_be_Carried_Out}}

Job summary: {{form.Give_A_Summary_Of_The_Job}}

Job responsibilities: {{form.Responsibilities_Of_The_Job}}

Required qualifications: {{form.Qualifications_Required}}

Salary: {{form.Salary_And_Benefits}}

You can review your job description and approve if you are happy with it. This is a stop task, meaning you are unable to move forward with the job description template until you are happy with the job description and it has been approved.

  • 1

    Job description approval

Shorter job descriptions receive 8.4% more applicants per view.

Choose where to post your job description

Once your job description has been approved, the next step is to choose where you would like to post this job description. You can make a list for where this job description will be posted using the long text form field provided.

There are some good websites out there to list your job description on. Provided below are  some useful links to help you decide where to post your job description:

  1. Indeed

  2. careerbuilder

  3. dice.com

  4. glassdoor.co.uk

  5. Google For Jobs

  6. idealist

  7. LinkedIn

  8. linkup

  9. Monster

  10. US.jobs

  11. Specialty niche job sites

Post the job description

Finally, the last thing you have to do is post the IT management job description you have created and wait for those skilled candidates to start applying! 

Check our Human Resources Pre Employment Screening and learn how to screen candidates appropriately.  


Relevant Checklists:

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