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To kick off our office cleaning checklist, you first need to record the basic details of the office and cleaning procedure using the form fields below.


Clean glass

Wipe down all glass in the office (such as doors and windows) with a clean microfiber cloth, both on the inside and outside. If the glass is marred by dirt, spray on glass cleaner and spread with a clean microfiber cloth before removing with another clean microfiber cloth.

Deal with the receptionist's desk

Next up, you need to clean the receptionist's desk. Tidy away any clutter from the top of the desk and proceed to dust it down; remove any food or drink stains with the appropriate cleaning supplies.

There shouldn't be too much clutter, but if there is, remember that (in future) all lostand found items need to be stored in the lost and found bin.

Clean tables

Any tables in the office should be cleaned by removing (or at least tidying) all clutter and dusting down the surface. Once again, remove any stains with the appropriate cleaning supply.

Wipe down window sills

Now it's time to wipe off the windowsills in the office. This can usually be done with nothing more than a slightly damp cloth and a little elbow grease.

Dust down pictures

You don't want your beautiful pictures being marred by an inch of thick dust do you? At this stage you need to dust all of them down, whether they're hanging on the walls or stacked on a top somewhere. Dust off the pictures hanging on the wall and all other pictures in the location.

Remember to make sure that they are hanging straight or placed tidily when you are finished.

All other flat surfaces

This is an easy one; all you need to do is wipe down all other flat surfaces.

Check trash bins

Check the bulk trash and remove if needed. Empty all trash liners and replace with clean ones.

Clean hard floors

Sweep and mop any remaining VCT and/or hard surface floors.

Vacuum carpets

Next you need to vacuum all carpets - remember to check behind all doors and underneath furniture.

Straighten floor mats

You want to make a great first impression, and so you must now straighten floor mats by the entry and exit door.

Office Proper:

Dust off filing cabinets

Now that the general measures for the whole location have been complete, start on the office by dusting down the top of the filing cabinets.

Deal with desk surfaces

The last step in the office is to really focus down on the desk area(s). You need to not only dust down the desk top(s), but also remove any tea, coffee or food stains.


 Areas of the bathroom need regular cleaning to maintain its sanitation and the well-being of the employees. 

Wipe down partition walls

Kicking off the bathroom tour, you need to wipe clean all wall partitions.

Clean top surfaces

Next up, you need to clean all top surfaces in the bathroom. This is pretty self-explanatory; just wipe clean the surfaces with the necessary cleaning products.

Sanitize bathroom counters

The next task is to clean and sanitize the bathroom counters. After all, you don't want to be trekking bathroom germs into the general office.

Clean the fixtures

You should now proceed to clean the fixtures in the bathroom, including the sink(s), taps, etc.

Make the mirrors shine

Everyone loves a clean mirror, and so you must now ensure that yours are all shining. Apply the same technique and supplies to these as you did to the windows (glass cleaner and microfiber cloths).

Clean and sanitize toilet facilities

It's time to get down and dirty; go ahead and clean and sanitize all toilet facilities. Follow the sub-checklist below to make sure you don't miss anything.

  • 1
    Toilets cleaned
  • 2
    Toilets sanitized
  • 3
    Urinals cleaned
  • 4
    Urinals sanitized

Refill tissue paper

Whilst you're in here, you need to make sure that all toilet paper is refilled as necessary.

Refill soap dispenser(s)

The final thing you need to do before the bathroom is finished is to refill any and all soap dispensers as required.

Kitchen/Break Room:

Cleaning the kitchen area needs to be done regularly so as to minimize health risks and maximize health benefits.

Clean sink

Using the same thoroughness as you did with the bathroom, go ahead and clean the sink in the kitchen and/or break room.

Deal with all fixtures

Next, you should wipe clean break room fixtures, such as the lighting of the room.

Clean counters

You're almost there; now you need to wipe down and clean off any kitchen or break room counters.

Take photos

Once you're finished, make sure that you take photos of the clean office to prove that the procedure is complete. Upload these photos both here and to your cloud storage (record a link to them here) to make sure that your efforts can't come into question.

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