Use this PPC daily campaign checklist to inspect the health of your ad accounts

The point of a PPC daily campaign review checklist is to make sure you are able to identify any major fluctuations before they become an issue. If you have all your account information accessible you should be able to complete this checklist in under five minutes per managed account.

PRO TIP: If your daily tasks are impacting your productivity and efficiency be sure to make time to figure out what the roadblocks are. This upfront time will save you countless hours down the road. For additional information be sure to read this Process Improvement article. 

Campaign Overview:

Input campaign data

Be sure to track your efforts for each managed account. Fill out the relevant sections below to keep a record for future reference. 

KPI Review:

Review key metrics for changes

Review all key metrics to identify any major shifts or upticks in cost.

If you notice an anomaly then you should investigate that particular metric. This will allow you to identify and correct any issues. If you aren't sure that your data in Google Analytics is correct then you should conduct a Google Analytics Audit

Select the KPI's you will be reviewing:

  • 1
    Average Position
  • 2
    CTR (Click Through Rate)
  • 3
    CPC (Cost Per Click)
  • 4
    CPA (Cost Per Conversion/ Acquisition)
  • 5
    CVR (Conversion Rate)
  • 6
    CPM (Cost Per Impression)
  • 7
    (Untitled Option)

Include any notes or issues that you noticed while reviewing the KPI's.

Keyword Review:

Identify any major pattern changes

Look over your keyword performance and identify any major pattern changes.

When reviewing the keywords for the account you will want to primarily focus on any major ranking changes. Identifying any positive or negative movement will allow you to re-adjust your strategy to ensure you are hitting your metrics.  We recommend reviewing the accounts top traffic keywords, identifying keyword dips, and making sure negative keywords are properly setup. We have also included a video that goes into more depth on how to measure keyword performance inside Google Ads.  

  • 1
    Review top traffic keywords
  • 2
    Monitor for any keyword dips
  • 3
    Ensure negative keywords are correct

Record any insights or notable items below:

Budget Alignment:

Make sure all budget is used

Ensure that your budget is being fully utilized.

The main item you will want to look for is a zero-utilization rate of your budget. If the campaign is live and no funds have been used then that means there is a problem. The best areas to review would be ad copy, targeting and keyword selection.

Ad copy should be engaging and have a clear call to action. You also want to make sure that it is relevant to the audience you are targeting. Lastly, be sure there is enough search volume for your keywords so that your budget can be spent. 

Report/Action Items:

List action Items

List action items.

After going through this checklist be sure to input any insights you gain. These should be focused on three core concepts. The first form field below is dedicated to any concerns. An example of a potential area of concern could be that the keywords selected don't seem to be gaining enough impressions.

The secondary form field is to list any account updates. If you change something in the settings of the account (such as targeting, keywords, or copy) be sure to keep track. 

The last form field is for action items. List out any tasks that need to be done to improve the account. 

If this checklist is used on a daily basis it will help you keep all your PPC campaigns on track. With your hand on the proverbial "pulse" of your accounts, you can give updates to your supervisor or clients at a moments notice. You will also be able to constantly optimize your accounts so that they can bring in the best ROI possible. 

This is an important step in managing the health of your PPC accounts. The next step would be to go through our more in-depth Weekly PPC Campaign Management and Monthly PPC Campaign Management Checklist


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