Not everyone knows how to recruit someone, some people will be lost in the process of hiring a candidate and will never know where to start, leading them to hiring someone to do it for them, costing them more money.

This checklist for employing candidates will help you plan your process for hiring, whether it's for one employee or for many employees that you are enrolling. This checklist helps you keep track of your recruiting efforts. 

Over here at Process Street, we created this Recruitment Process Checklist to ensure you never miss a step in hiring ever again.


Gather job information

First things first record the details of the business that is hiring. You will have to speak to the manager of the hiring department (IT, sales, customer support) and gather the information you need to post the job. The information you should collect is listed below.

Read these example job descriptions

When you have your information gathered, run through these example job description PDF files. This will give you a rough idea of what you are aiming to create.

Job Description:

Write the job description

Now you will need to write the job description, this will allow potential candidates the chance to see what the job is, what it includes, amongst other details. Use the sub-checklist and form fields below to make sure you have the job description written correctly and have included the right information.

  • 1
    Decide The Position Title
  • 2
    Jot down Job Responsibilities & Duties
  • 3
    Required Qualifications
  • 4
    Highlight Hierarchy Structure
  • 5
    Include Terms Of Employment
  • 6
    Choose Salary

Check out our Job Description Template to get a more in-depth look at how to write a job description

Preparing for posting

Once you have the post written you will need to get it prepared for posting. Find out how many candidates minimum you need, when the posting will close and if there is any further important information you need.

Screen your candidates

Once a candidate has applied to your posting, you can begin to assess their suitability for the position. The first and most important thing you should look for in the candidate's resume is that they meet the minimum requirements for the position being advertised. 

Ensure the resume is authentic and not fake, once you have done this arrange a date with the chosen candidate to come in for an interview, use the form field below to record the date.

To get a more in-depth look at how to screen candidates, check out our Pre Employment Screening Template


Perform background checks

Perform background checks before you interview your candidate, this will make you aware of any uncertainties about them or if they have ever been involved in anything illegal.  

Using the form fields below, perform the necessary tests:

  • 1
    A drugs test
  • 2
    Criminal background check
  • 3
    References check
  • 4
    Educational background check

To learn how to perform background checks in more detail, check out our Employee Background Check template

Prepare materials

Prepare materials of the candidate you are interviewing. This will give you topics to talk about with the candidate in order to get to know them better. Use sub-checklist to make sure have included the following. 

  • 1
    Your screening question
  • 2
    The candidate's resume
  • 3
    The job description

Conduct interview

Once you have got everything you need and are ready for the interview. Conduct the interview and ask any necessary questions about them, about the role you are hiring for and ask the interviewee if they have any questions about the job or the company hiring.

Hire the chosen candidate

Once you have the chosen the candidate that you believe best-suited for the job and who can add value to the role, go ahead and contact them and hire them! 


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