Intro to Rental Inspection Checklist:

Rental Inspection Checklist - Process Street

This Process Street Rental Inspection Checklist is geared for landlords who need to inspect their properties on a regular basis.

The checklist guides the user through the basic checks necessary for assessing a property and tenants. 

Throughout the checklist, there are form fields where you can enter information as you go. This information is then saved to the checklist and can be accessed in a table format in the template overview tab

Creating a positive relationship between tenant and landlord is the most effective way to ensuring your property is kept in a clean and well-maintained condition. 

Check out this video below for inspiration.

The Best Rental Inspection Checklist - Seattle Property Management

Record checklist details

Use the form fields below to record information about the inspection for the checklist.

Pre-visit tasks:

Contact the tenants to notify them of your visit

Under certain housing regulations, it is required for the owner of a rental property to provide adequate notice before inspecting a tenant or their property. 

Make sure your actions are in line with the legislation for your location. 

More than that, it's polite to give someone advance warning

Use the email widget below to notify your tenants of your inspection.

Remind the tenants the day before your visit

You can edit this template to set a due date and an assignee. 

If you set the date to be one day before your inspection, you will receive an email notification of this task provided the checklist or task is assigned to you. 

Make sure to remind the tenants of your visit!

Outdoor checks:

Check for cobwebs and other signs of insects

When arriving at the property, check the outside of the building for cobwebs and other signs of insects. 

This may include soil tunneling up the side of the building which can be a sign of ants or termites. 

This exercise gives you an idea of how well taken care of the property is in general and helps you plan for any action you may need to take against infestation

Use the form field below to record your notes.

Check out this video on how to run a termite inspection.

Termite Pest Inspection - 2 Nice Guys Termite and Pest Control Services

Assess the condition of the lawn and outdoor spaces

The property may have a lawn, garden features, or other outdoor spaces which need maintenance and upkeep. 

Check the conditions of these spaces to see whether they are being taken care of and whether any repairs will need to be done

Lack of care for these areas may be indicative of a general failure to care for the property, or it may be because the tenant has poor gardening practices. In which case, you can take the time to give them some advice. 

Use the form field below to leave your notes.

Review safety concerns like overhanging branches

Look out for safety concerns around the property

One example could be overgrown foliage or nearby trees which begin to present safety issues. If a tree needs trimming to return it back to a safe size, you can contact a tree surgeon or perform the task yourself. 

Record any potential hazards in the form field below.

Check out this video below for inspiration.

Removing a Large Tree Branch Over a Property - The Homestead Craftsman

Indoor checks:

Assess whether the property is well presented

When you enter the property it is important to take a general look at the level of care being employed by the tenants. 

If the presentation and general cleanliness of the home is poor then this reflects badly on the current tenants.

Use the form field to record your findings.

Test all smoke and carbon monoxide alarms

Safety is paramount and smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are a vital part of ensuring you have performed your duty of care over the tenants. 

Check all of the smoke alarms and use the form fields below to record their performance. 

Watch the video for further details.

How to Install Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors - This Old House

Check the cleanliness of the oven

An oven is an expensive appliance and poor maintenance can drastically reduce the lifespan of the equipment. 

The oven does not have to be sparkling, it merely has to show signs of occasional cleaning and a lack of build up of grime and grease. 

Use the form field below to record your notes.

Inspect for clogged exhaust fans or range hoods

Due to their core purpose, exhaust fans or range hoods tend to get dirty and this is a perfectly normal part of an active kitchen.

However, if left unchecked and uncleaned, the condition of a clogged exhaust fan or range hood can deteriorate to the point of presenting a very real fire hazard. 

Record the condition below.

Review plumbing fixtures for leaks

Leaky plumbing fixtures can cause damage to the areas around them. 

This could be damage to your bathroom cupboards or more serious structural damage in the long term to the property

Moreover, if you fail to fix leaky plumbing then your tenants may refuse to pay all or some of their water bills. 

Check all plumbing fixtures while also looking for staining or signs of damp. 

Use the form field to record your findings. 

Inspect for any damage to flooring

Check for any signs of damage to flooring throughout the house. 

Simple problems like chips or scratches are simple to deal with, while other possible flooring issues could be indicators of greater problems such as underfloor leaking. 

Use the form field to record your findings.

Check for any significant markings or damage on walls

Minor scuffs or scrapes on walls are part and parcel of living in accommodation - particularly with children!

However, damage to wallpaper or even more serious damage to walls should be dealt with as soon as possible. 

Check also for peeling wallpaper as this can be a sign of damp. 

Use the field below to record your concerns.

Ask the tenants for their input

A strong professional relationship with your tenants will be improved by a good personal relationship with them. 

Take the time to ask them how they are finding living in the property. 

You're only in the building for a short period but they are there every day; they may have some observations which you will be glad you heard. 

Listen to any questions or concerns they have and record them in the form field below.

Generate your report and email a copy to the tenants

Once the inspection is completed, you can save a copy of this checklist as a report and email it to your tenant to give them a record.

To save, click to print this checklist and select Save to PDF.

This should generate a PDF which you can upload below.

Use the email widget to send them a copy.


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