Standup meetings are short meetings that are held within teams every day to go over what they're working on and what they worked on. They may also be called daily scrums, but they are usually between 5-15 minutes long and the reason for standing up is to keep the meetings short and to focus on the topic.

When you're standing for too long you will begin to feel discomfort which makes you want to get the meeting done and over with. Over at Process Steet, we created this checklist to make sure your standup meetings are effective. 


Record meeting details

First things first you're going to need to record the meeting details. This will let you know what time the meeting was held at and who was present at it. To do this use the form fields below. 

State yesterday's work

Next up, you have to gather yesterday's work. This will let the team know what you did and if they can help out in anyway possible. Make sure to talk about what you did, what you accomplished and what you couldn't do and If possible present the work you did to allow for better feedback. Record what you did using the form field below.

Note what you're working on

Once you have got yesterday's work recorded. You now have to let the team know what you will be working on today. They may be able to help you or give you any guidance before you start working. Use the form field below to do so.

Jot down problems you have

When the meeting begins you need to let the team know what problems you encountered on any of the work you were working on. This may result in a team member giving you a solution for your problem(s). Do this by using the form field below. 

State talking points

Once you have all of your material prepared, you should state down any talking points that you may have. This could be anything from a problem you encountered to help you need with work you're currently doing. Do this by using the form field below. 


Take part in meeting

Once all of the preparation has been done. You have to take part in the meeting. Remember that this meeting will be lightning quick and won't last 90 minutes. Note down any valuable information that is said within the meeting using the form fields below.

  • 1
    Note Down Solutions To Your Problems
  • 2
    Note Down Info About Today's Work
  • 3
    Note Down Info About Yesterday's Work

Prioritze your notes

Once the meeting is over. You now have to process your notes and prioritize what tasks need to be done first. You can do this by using the form field below. 


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