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This or That Questions Quiz

This or That Questions Quiz

Run this This or That Questions Quiz Template as a fun quiz. Or, use it as a framework for building your very own questions.
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Food & Drink This or That Questions:
Question 1
Question 2
Question 3
Question 4
Sports ⚽️This or That Questions:
Question 5
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Question 7
Question 8
Entertainment This or That Questions:
Question 9
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Introduction to This or That Questions:

This or That Questions Quiz Template

Welcome to Process Street’s This or That Questions Quiz! 

You can tailor this quiz (to add or remove items from this list/task/etc.)  to match your specific requirements by clicking the “edit template” icon on the right-hand side.

If you are looking for the perfect game to play with your friend and have an unforgettable time while getting to know each other, then This or That Questions is a great way to go about it.

This or That Questions Quiz are simple: Players need to choose between two options, even if they do not like either of them. Our selection of This or That questions presents funny options and also lists questions by category.

Use this or that questions in school, at work, in the car, or anytime you want a quick and easy game that needs no special equipment or advance preparation.

This template takes the form of a fun This or That Questions quiz. You can either use this quiz as is OR edit the quiz template to create your very This or That Questions quiz. 

It’s super easy to edit the question text, add some answer choices, and customize the feedback messages. Plus, you can add pictures, videos, and embeds to the task to your answers. 

How does it work? 

The This or That Questions Quiz is made possible thanks to Process Street’s conditional logic feature . 

Conditional logic is a powerful feature that allows you to create truly dynamic checklists and quizzes with its if-this-then-that logic.

Using conditional logic within tasks allows you to build logic in one clear view so that it’s easy to manage the rules you set up and see which fields (or questions and answers) you are impacting. 

For more information on conditional logic and to see how to set it up (simply scroll down the page): visit our help page here. 

Once you have grasped the conditional logic, go ahead and run or edit this Quiz Template.

P.S: If you are new to Process Street and are unfamiliar with all the magic it can do, check out our Demo Video below. 

Process Street: Demo Video.

Enter basic information

To kick things off, fill in some basic details. This section is important as it helps to keep track of who runs this checklist.

To enter your basic information, use the form fields below.

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Food & Drink This or That Questions:

Complete the following tasks by selecting which food or drink you prefer

This or That Questions about food are easy because there are so many options to choose from (plus.. who doesn’t love food?!).

Question 1

This or That Questions: Tea

This or That Questions: Coffee

Question 2

This or That Questions: Pancakes

This or That Questions: Cereal

Question 3

This or That Questions: Pasta

This or That Questions: Pizza

Question 4

This or That Questions: Cheesecake

This or That Questions: Cupcakes

Sports ⚽️This or That Questions:

Complete the following tasks by selecting which sport or activity you prefer ‍♂️‍♀️‍♀️

Question 5

This or That Questions: Yoga

This or That Questions: Swimmers

Question 6

This or That Questions: Baseball

This or That Questions: Football

Question 7

This or That Questions: Tennis

This or That Questions: Basketball

Question 8

This or That Questions: Bowling

This or That Questions: Skating

Entertainment This or That Questions:

To finish things off here are a couple of This or That Questions on entertainment .

Complete tasks by selecting which type of entertainment or activity you prefer.

Question 9

This or That Questions: Books

This or That Questions: TV

Question 10

This or That Questions: Party

This or That Questions: Sleepover

End of This or That Questions Quiz:


You have finished the This or That Questions quiz. 

Feel free to edit this template and add some of your own questions and answers. 

Remember: To hide/show individual answers use the Conditional Logic feature within tasks. 

Pssst, this bits important: The following tasks presents you with the opportunity to use a Zapier integration to calculate the results of this quiz (or any quiz you decide to make). This is particularly useful if you are using this quiz template to build a test or an assessment as it allows for a personalized and calculated result to be given. 

Generate results using Zapier

Zapier is a tool for integrating heaps of different apps together, which simply means it lets your apps talk to one another.

Zapier is useful for this Quiz Template because it can draw all the data you inputted as answers to the questions and provide you with a calculated result. It’s a simple trigger and then action setup.

The answers are calculated inside Zapier and then the Process Street quiz is updated with your result using our new update checklist feature.

The whole process is based on these key steps:

  1. Triggering the zap in Process Street, whenever the task completing the final question is checked;
  2. Summing all of the answer values relevant for each of the quiz categories.
  3. Doing a simple if-this-then-that statement for each of the categories which gives us the result of the test;
  4. Returning the results of the test to the original Process Street checklist.

The process below illustrates how to create this Zapier integration and uses the Cognitive Functions MBTI Test process as an example.

Step one consists of selecting the task to trigger the results that you want to calculate. Logically, it’s the final task in the quiz:

Step one Zapier integration.

Step two takes a formula and sums up the values for each of the questions relevant for each of the four main types (or categories). To sum the values for each of the Process Street tasks, we use Formatter by Zapier, with the type of event set to “Numbers”.

Step two Zapier integration.

In this same step use a Spreadsheet-Style Formula transformation to grab all of the relevant values and add them up:

Here’s a better look at what the formula looks like for summing up all the values:

To re-cap, what you’re seeing here is the result of the specific formula used as an example. You would need to change the formula depending on what you are trying to calculate.

Step three then looks at this number value and runs an IF statement on it. It does this for every category (in the case four times).

Here’s what the zap looks like:

Step three Zapier intergation

It’s also using Formatter by Zapier, with the event type of “Numbers”, along with Spreadsheet-Style Formatting.

As you can see, the IF logic is simple. The value is the result of the test from Step 2 with familiar spreadsheet-style formatting. 

Finally, step four is as simple as specifying the location where you want to send the quiz results – which in this case is the form field in the following task. Zapier already knows the location from step 1, so the action type is “Update Checklist”.

Pop the checklist ID in there (from step 1, the original Process Street trigger) and specify the forms you want to update with the results, and there you have it.

Input the quiz results

Identify the form field below as the location for the quiz results when creating the Zapier integration. 

Alternatively, manually enter how you found this Quiz Template in the form field below.

Once the results have been added to this checklist send them for review and approval in the following task.

Approval: Review results

Will be submitted for approval:

  • Input the quiz results

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