Install Formidable Pro

Buy the Plugin

Yes, unfortunately this functionality is only available in the "pro" version of the plugin - but it really is worth it. You'll get the ability to connect to Paypal, Mailchimp, and hundreds of other apps via Zapier. You won't regret it!

Buy Formidable Pro

This link supports EffortlessWorkflow - thanks!

Download, Upload & Activate

Here's how to get the plugin up and active on your Wordpress site!

  1. After creating your account with Formidable, click here to go directly to the "downloads" page and download the plugin to your computer.
  2. In Wordpress, click "Plugins" then "Add new".
  3. On that screen you'll be able to click "Upload" to upload your own plugin. Navigate to the file you just downloaded (it might be in your "Downloads" folder) and click "Install Now"
  4. After installation, you should have the option of "activating" the plugin right away. Go ahead and click "activate".

Make it Official

The very last step is to add your license key to make sure you'll have access to the advanced features. To do so:

  • Click here to go directly to your Formidable "Licenses" page
  • Copy our "License key"
  • Hover over "Formidable" from the left-hand menu
  • Click "Global Settings" below
  • Enter your License key in the field and click "Save License"

You're set!

Install Formidable's Zapier Add-on

Making Formidable Better

The reason we needed the "pro" version of Formidable is because it lets us have access to all of their Add-ons, including the one for Zapier.  In this step we'll download and install the Zapier add-on. 

Download the Plugin from Formidable

This step really is very easy - it's as easy as downloading and installing any other plugin.

  1. Go here to download the Formidable Add-on
  2. Click the blue button to download the plugin
  3. Go back to Wordpress and click "Plugins" then "Add New"
  4. Click "Upload" then find the file you just downloaded and select "Install Now"
  5. Finally, click "Activate"

Verify it's Working

You'll know the plugin worked if you click on Formidable > Global settings and see "API" as one of the tabs on the left side. (Notice I have the Mailchimp plugin installed too - that's a topic for another day!)

Next: Create a Form!

Create a Formidable Form

Let's Create a Form!

Formidable is very intuitive to use, but I'll step you through the process anyway.

Create a new Form:

  • On the left side in Wordpress, hover your mouse over "Formidable" and click "Forms"
  • The next page will list all of your forms, if you have any. Find "Add new" near the top of the page and click that.
  • Formidable will open a new "Build new form" page, that looks something like the image below.

Create the Form

I created a "Sample" form with just one field in the image above. You can do this, or you can

  1. Add a title to the form.
  2. On the right side, click the button for "Single Line Text" to add a new field to the form.
  3. The title of the new field will already be highlighted - replace it with something like "Enter your Twitter Handle Below".

Now let's "publish" the form by clicking "Create"!

(Don't worry, it won't appear anywhere on your website until we actually add it in step 6!)

Form Settings

After saving, Formidable will automatically take you to the "Form Settings" page. By default, Formidable will email the site admin when the form is submitted. Since this process is going to be automated, you may not to get bugged with emails. 

Here's how to turn them off:

  • On the left side of the "Form Settings" menu, click "Form Actions"
  • Under "Add new Action" there'll be a box for the Email Notification. Find the "Garbage can" icon on the far right and click that.
  • Click the "Update" icon to save your changes.

There shouldn't be any other form settings that you need to change, so you're done!

Test it!

Don't skip this step - you'll need it later!

  1. From the Form Settings page, click "Preview" in the top-right corner.
  2. A preview of your form will appear
  3. Go ahead and fill out the form with a Twitter handle that's not already on the Twitter List you're planning to add people to.
  4. Click "Submit" and you'll see a confirmation message.


If you want, you can change the word on the "Submit" button and the "confirmation" message back on the Form Settings page!

Sign up for Zapier

Already have an account with Zapier? 

Skip this step and go straight to #5!

Get a Zapier Account

Zapier offers a "forever free" account that will probably be enough for most folks out there. If you sign up using this link, we'll both get a bonus 100 "Zaps"! (Thanks!)

The process is very quick and straight forward - just sign up, confirm your email and continue to step #5 when you're looking at your Zapier Dashboard

Setup the "Zap"

This is the fun part!

Now you're ready to set up the "Automagical" part of this whole process in Zapier. I am so excited, you are going to love this!

(OK, maybe it's a bit weird how much I like this stuff...)

Click "Make a new Zap" to get started, then I'll step you through each of the steps here. If you want to see my whole "Zap" (start to finish) take a look at the screenshot below.

Zapier Step 1: Choose your Apps

  1. Click "Choose a Trigger App" and search for "Formidable". Click on the Formidable Icon.
  2. In the drop-down that appears below, select "New Entry"
  3. Click "Choose an Action App" and search for "Twitter". Click on the Twitter icon.
  4. In the drop-down that appears below, select "Add User to List"
  5. Click "Continue"


Zapier Step 2: Activate Formidable on Zapier

  1. Click to activate your Formidable account. A Pop-up will appear
  2. Name your connection. I just named it "EffortlessWorkflow's Formidable Account" (You can have a formidable account on Zapier for each website you own, so it's useful to indicate which!)
  3. Go to your Wordpress dashboard, click Formidable, then "Global Settings", then "API". Copy the API from there.
  4. Paste the API into the "API Key" field.
  5. Add your site URL to the "My Site URL" field, following the provided instructions
  6. Click "continue"


Zapier Step 3: Activate Twitter on Zapier

  1. Click to activate your Twitter account
  2. Zapier will take you through the authorization process.
  3. When you're back in zapier, name your Twitter account and choose whether you want to "follow" Zapier on Twitter.
  4. Click "Continue"


Zapier Step 4: Formidable Form

  1. Click on the drop-down to see all of your forms in Formidable.
  2. Click on the form you created in step #3.
  3. I'd recommend filtering so Zapier only activates when someone provides their Twitter handle. Click "Add a custom filter"
  4. Click "Field" and select the field where you ask for people's twitter handles.
  5. Under "Condition" choose "(Text) Does not Exactly Match"
  6. Leave the "Value" field blank
  7. Click "Continue"

Zapier Step 5: Choose a Twitter List

Note: Haven't created a Twitter list yet? Go do that now and then come back!

  1. Click the drop-down to see a list of your Twitter Lists
  2. Click the list you'd like to add people to
  3. In the "Screen name" field, click on the "Insert (Formidable) fields" button on the right side of the field.
  4. Find the "Twitter handle" field and select it.
  5. Click "Continue"


Zapier Step 6: Test it!

  1. Click "Test Formidable Trigger" 
  2. Zapier will "call" Formidable and find that test entry you submitted in step 3. (I told you it'd be important!) It will find a "sample" and ask if you want to test it
  3. Click "Test This Sample"
  4. Go ahead and check your Twitter list to confirm it worked!

Add the Form to your Website

The Home Stretch!

You're actually "done" with the fancy automation now - all that's left is to put it up on your website so you can start adding folks to your list!

If you don't still have it open, head back to your Formidable Form in Wordpress. (You could be on the Build or Settings pages, both will work).

On the right side, click "Show" next to "Shortcodes"

Click "Show" next to "Shortcodes"
Here's your Shortcode!

Use this shortcode to place your form on a blog post, page, widget, etc. in your Wordpress site. Just go ahead and copy-paste it right into the body itself!

That's it!

That's it!

Congrats, you're set up! Enjoy building your community and don't worry about maintaining it - it's completely automatic now!

Did you like this workflow? Got questions? Contact me directly at [email protected] and let me know!

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