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How To Promote Content For Maximum Reach

How To Promote Content For Maximum Reach

Run this checklist to promote a piece of content
Enter the blog
Ensure your content is epic
Prepare your post
Content Promotion Checklist:
Share on social media
Submit some screenshots (welcome to idyoma)
Perform outreach
Submit to social bookmarking sites & directories
Submit for syndication
Post on related facebook groups
Comment on related blog posts
Post on Q&A sites
Reverse engineer your competition
Deep-link to the content from older posts
Repurpose your content


Are you ready for some content creation and marketing? Fudge yes, you are!

Content marketing is not easy, it takes a lot of elbow grease to create valuable content and even more to promote it!

The promotion part is something that many folks tend to miss when looking at a content marketing strategy. A general rule of thumb is you should spend 30% of your time creating content and 70% promoting it. That’s why we created this checklist you can use to promote the content you work so hard to create.

Fortunately, the marketing part is something we’ll all walk through together. We’ve got a lovely checklist here outlining what is needed and why to guide you through that 70%. Disclaimer: this process is optimised for English speakers, but the knowledge nuggets remain true.

The goal is for you to get inside the mind of a potential Idyoma user and imagine what kind of things they may want to read. 

It doesn’t have to be about language – though that’s always a safe bet. It could be about studying abroad or travelling. It could be about sexy new apps. It could be about tourism or simply a piece about why your city is worth a visit. You could interview an Idyoma user or someone who speaks a lot of languages. You could make listicles of gifs or make video content.

Point is, there’s a lot options out there. Carry on through the checklist to find out how to become an expert content creator and marketer! 


Enter the blog

So, the first step in this checklist is to access the company blog

Visit the idyoma blog to get an idea of the kind of content that we are aiming for. When you get the idea, don’t hesitate any longer and start writing! Though we encourage blog posts that are related to languages, you’re free to take other relevant topics as well. Let your creative juices flow and write something of which you can be proud!

Ensure your content is epic

Take a long hard look at your content and make sure that (within reason) it is as good as you can possibly make it.

Think about what idyoma does and how we function. Think about who uses us and where those people live. Put yourself in the mind of an idyoma user – what strange thoughts are they thinking?

Your post can be about anything, but try to make it good. Long or short are both fine, but give the reader something they want to read and preferably with a title they want to click on. – but lets not use clickbait, yeah?

If you don’t know what epic content is, take a look at these guides:

The huge caveat to this checklist is that your content must be top bloody notch. If you create crap content, most of these techniques will yield little to no results and will be a huge waste of time.

Most importantly make sure it is something you would want to read.

Prepare your post

Classic Bobby….

Okay – last few things to check. Make sure you have an image on your blog post. Make sure you’ve added a load of lovely tags to help google find it. And make sure you’ve filled in a couple of the other sections on the blog editor. 

The next step is to prepare a summary of your content. The latter should include the following:

Post Headline

Remember to prepare a variety of headlines (5-10); keep the best for yourself then use the rest for posting on social media, content syndication and content repurposing (ie naming a slide show or pdf etc).

Brief Description

Write a few of these, one to three sentences long. These are needed when submitting to many sites

Post Excerpt

Grab the first paragraph from your post or the intro


Copy over the URL of your post – you can also add tracking IDs with Google Analytics to track different traffic sources.

Once you’ve prepared your post, it’s time to start promoting! Keep going with the content promotion checklist to generate a huge wave of traffic to every piece of content you create.

Content Promotion Checklist:

Share on social media

This one is fairly obvious; share the post across your social media channels. Record your progress with the sub-checklist below.

  • 1

    Facebook Profile (Status Update)
  • 2

    Twitter – use some #hastags because everyone loves #hashtags
  • 3

    LinkedIn Status Update – this is your professional work, after all.
  • 4

    Pinterest – Pin all images (all epic content has images)
  • 5

    Instagram – Post 1-2 images from the post, and link below.
  • 6

    Ask friends and family members to share

Remember to promote other idyoma content too. When you see a blog post by another Ambassador give them a boost. #PassItForward!

Submit some screenshots (welcome to idyoma)

Another pretty straightforward task now – you need to submit some screenshots!

Don’t worry about doing this immediately, if you don’t want to. You can wait as long as you think is necessary for your post to reach it’s maximum potential in terms of likes.

In order for us to reward you with the appropriate amount of points, you’ll have to upload screenshots of your blogs, social media posts and accumulated likes to the Google Drive. 

Perform outreach

Okay, I’ll be honest with you, this one is a lot of work so consider it optional.

However, if you intend to make it in the blog game in the long run, this page is the most important one. Not only will this work as great marketing for your content, but the list you create from these steps could remain highly valuable to you in the years to come! #networking #connections #hashtag

Outreach means manually emailing, tweeting, tagging and even calling people to tell them about your content. Yes, yes, this sounds like hard work and truthfully it is, but sometimes you have to do things that don’t scale to get the ball rolling.

Outreach is arguably the most important thing for a new blogger. Check out how Alex Turnbull got over 1,000 subscribers to his blog from one post thanks to blogger outreach!

To start with outreach, you first need to create a list of bloggers you want to target. There are a few considerations here. First, they should be relevant to your niche. Don’t contact bloggers who blog in a completely different area to you. Secondly, as always, your content must be awesome!

Another tip here is to look for “up and comer” bloggers as they may be easier to contact and get less requests than really popular bloggers.

Tools to Find Influencers

Search on Twitter
Facebook Graph Search for Fanpages
Google Search for Blogs
We Follow

How to Contact Them

Email – Preferred Method
Contact Page
Facebook Page

Tools to Manage Outreach

Buzz Stream – Specifically designed for blog outreach
Trello is a great free organizational tool to help you track activities
CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool will work if you already use one

Email Templates for Outreach

Outreach Letters for Link Building [Real Examples]
Blogger Outreach Email Template
How To Write A Blogger Outreach Email
How To Create a Killer Outreach Email With 4 Quick Steps and 3 Simple Tips
10 Hand Curated Blogger Outreach Examples to Inspire Your Next Campaign

More info on Outreach:

Blogger outreach is a big topic if you want more information on blogger outreach check out the below guides:
Advanced Guide to Content Promotion
How to Develop a Solid Blog Outreach Strategy
My Favorite Way to Get Links and Social Shares – Whiteboard Friday
5 Tips for Developing Better Blogger Outreach

Submit to social bookmarking sites & directories

Now you need to submit your content to social bookmarking sites and directories

Again, this is the real deal when it comes to online promotion. Consider the levels of commitment found on this page to be optional, but try to submit to at least 3 high traffic directories in appropriate places. 

Social Bookmarking sites can generate a huge spike of traffic; landing the front page of a large Subreddit can yield thousands of visitors. But lots of them can generate a few hundred visitors here or there. If you get a few up votes on a rage of the sites below you can easily generate over 1000 visitors to your posts, great for initial shares to your page.

Top Tier General


*Reddit is a bit finicky so read the below guides before you go crazy posting all your links on there.
Reddit Marketing: The Complete Guide to Using Reddit
Reddit Hates Marketing. How to Market on it Anyway

There are a number of other general social bookmarking sites, some of them get some decent traffic, all of them are good for backlink juice. To automate your social bookmarking submissions, use OnlyWire.

Onlywire will submit to 30+ social bookmarking sites at once, you can even set it up to pull your RSS feed from the blog so you don’t have to post at all.

Plus you can pay someone on Fiverr to set it all up for just $5, an effective, cheap and automated way to do social bookmarking submissions.

Click Here for a Huge List of Social Bookmarking Sites

Top Tier Niche Sites

These are community sites like Reddit and should be treated the same. Participate in the community; don’t just share your own links.

Hacker News (Startups and Technology)
Inbound.org (Marketing)
Slashdot (Startups and Technology)
Growth Hacker (Marketing)
BizSugar (Business)
Blog Engage (Blogging and Business)
Triberr (Blogging)
Blokube (Blogging)
Kingged (Internet Marketing)
ManageWP (WordPress)
Dzone (Programming & Website Development)
Sharebloc (Business)
Filmwatch (Films)
N4G (Gaming)
Techspy (Technology)
11×2.com (Sport)
DesignFloat.com (Graphic Design)
TheWebBlend.com (Web Design, Programming, WordPress, & Photography)

Blog Directories and Misc submission sites

Blog Lovin

Submit for syndication

Next up in the content promotion checklist is submitting your content for syndication.

If you ever want to consider writing or social media as a career path, I suggest you read this page intently. We ask that you reach out to 3 syndicators as a minimum for each piece of content you publish.

Content syndication is where you allow another site to publish your content. There are some huge sites in the game of content syndication including Business2CommunitySteamFeedSocial Media TodayForbesBusiness InsiderInc and a lot more actively publish syndicated content.

Content syndication can be a great way to get some solid spikes in traffic. You will need to pick your best content and pitch sites on republishing your posts. But, there are drawbacks…

You would think that Google would rank the original blog post before any syndicated versions. In a lot of cases, however, that doesn’t happen. The thinking behind this is that Google ranks the site where people prefer to read the post. So, there is potential that you could lose out on some search engine traffic.

However, at Idyoma we don’t really mind if Forbes show up ahead of us in Google’s list for a particular article. Forbes should link to the Idyoma article at the bottom of their page – this creates what is known as a "backlink", and they’re very useful for Search Engine Optimisation and making Google happy.

For a guide to content syndication check out these posts:

Syndicating your Content by Quicksprout
Syndicating Content Whiteboard Friday by Moz
The Ultimate Blueprint for Guest Blogging and Syndication by Buffer
500 Places to Syndicate your Content by BuzzBlogger

Self Syndication

There are a few publishing platforms popping up that allow you to “Self Syndicate” your posts onto a different platform. The biggest platforms at the moment are Medium and LinkedIn and Examiner. These platforms are more like blogging except your blog posts can gain additional distribution through the respective network of the site.

Gregory Ciotti recently wrote an awesome post on a LinkedIn publishing experiment he ran, if you are thinking about LinkedIn publishing, make sure to read it.

We recommend you self syndicate all of your posts and include a "originally published here" backlink. This helps you and your public professional image while giving Idyoma a little backlink in the process.

Post on related facebook groups

There are groups on all topics on many platforms. Find groups related to your content and post a link back to your content.

Facebook groups
LinkedIn Groups

You know how to find them. Search around and share your delightful content with new people. Remember, strangers are just friends we haven’t marketed to yet.

Post on Q&A sites

Search major Q&A sites for posts related to your content and post responses in the answers when appropriate.

When appropriate, Steve. It’s not spammy if it’s appropriate. It may feel spammy, but it’s not.

If you aren’t already familiar with the top Q&A sites, see below for our pick of the crop.

Yahoo Answers

Also, I love Quora. I’m more on #TeamQuora with each day that pases.

Read this for more info on Quora marketing:
The Nearly Ultimate Quora Guide to Driving Traffic to Your Blog

Reverse engineer your competition

Part of the content promotion checklist is not only about boosting your post – it’s about combating the competition for the top search spot.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, but bear with me. Read until the end and you will see the tremendous value that can come from just a little competitor research.

Do a search on Topsy or Google and find where your competition is getting their backlinks for their most popular posts. Their top backlinks are also likely generating the most amount of traffic to their page.

To find the backlinks, use a tool such as Open Site Explorer or SEO Spy Glass. Look for backlinks from other blogs and social bookmarking sites. Then submit your content to the same sources, either via a submission link or by reaching out to the blogger/author as we talked about in the blogger outreach section above.

You can also reverse engineer who shared your competitor’s blog posts. Use a tool like Topsy to do a search on popular posts by your competitors and see who shared them, chances are they will share similar content. Contact them using the outreach strategies below to have them share your content

See! I told you to bear with me. Now you have a list of the people who are most influential when it comes to this kind of content. You’ve not attacked your competition or anything like that. You’ve simply figured out who you need to reach out to next time.

Repurpose your content

Repurposing your content can be one of the most powerful ways to increase the number of views your content is getting. Whilst keeping the medium relevant to the content you are repurposing, aim to get as many different avenues out of a single piece of content as possible – maximum reward for relatively little extra input!

This process is ideal for any article which is specifically about Idyoma. Or simply a great technique to get used to for those of you who want to go the whole hog. The real deal. The bees knees. The cats pyjamas. I think I’ve lost it somewhere…

Record the avenues you utilize with the sub-checklist and form fields below.

Turn into Slide Deck

The first step is to break down your post into a slide deck. This is generally pretty easy, have a different slide for each subheading or list point, however your post is structured. Add in your images and related links. A good ideas is to create a branded template that you can just plugin all of your posts to make this process smoother.

Once you have made your slide presentation, submit it to the below sites:

My Brainshark

Turn into Video

You can then take your slide deck, and use it to record a video. Draft up a script, then voice over it while reading your slides. You will want to make sure you have a good microphone before doing this as quality audio can make all the difference.

Once your video is made, upload it to the following video sites:
Daily Motion
Click here for a full list of video sites

Turn into Podcast

Strip the audio out of the video, and upload it to the following podcast directories:

iTunes Store
Micro Guide
Double Twist
Sound Cloud

If you want to learn more about optimizing your content for Podcasts, John Lee Dumas from Entrepreneur on Firehas an awesome free course on How to Podcast.

Turn into PDF

Use PrintFriendly.com to turn blog posts into PDFs. There is also a chrome extension that makes it super easy.

Once your post is turned into a PDF you can distribute it to the below sites for a bunch of extra views:

Scribd – PR8
Slideshare – PR8
Issuu – PR8
Mediafire – PR7
DocStoc – PR6
4shared – PR6
Author Stream – PR6
Esnips – PR6
Slideboom – PR6
Rapidshare – PR6
Calameo – PR5
Edocr – PR5
Slidesix – PR5
WePapers – PR5
MyPlick – PR5
HotFile – PR5
Easy Share – PR4
PDF Cast – PR4

Turn into Infographic

There are a few sites out there that you can use to turn your posts into infographics, then submit to infographic directories. This can be a little more work but well worth it if you have already spent lots of time researching and writing the content.

Try these sites to turn your post into an infographic:
Google Charts
InFoto Free
Get About

Then submit your infographics here:
Daily Infographic
Cool Infographics
Infographics Archive
Infographic Journal
Visual Loop

And you all know what you’re doing with listicles. Bow down to the listicle queens:



Congratulations! You’ve completed the blog content promotion checklist and can now watch that view count fly. You are now a master content marketer. I’ve figuratively given you gold. People pay good money for this kind of course.

Celebrate with your squad and get ready to start on the next post!

Then check out one of our other checklists and see what else can be done…

Take control of your workflows today.