Intro to Blog Idea Processing Checklist:

Blog Idea Processing Checklist

This Process Street Blog Idea Processing Checklist is engineered to encourage action on ideas and to facilitate teamwork in the ideation process. 

From starting with a simple idea this checklist encourages the user to critically analyze the idea and understand what unique insights they can bring to the article.

It creates space to record preliminary research with form fields to record summaries of articles so that team members can quickly assess the available ranking literature. 

Once an idea has come together and it has a few different directions it can go in, the user is prompted to begin keyword research to better direct the content of the article while maximizing its potential reach. 

Once this checklist has been completed, there will be a clear plan, literature review, and optimized keyword for the writer to work from. 

This template was designed in conjunction with the Evernote + Process Street Integration article to allow for writers to record their ideas in Evernote and automatically begin their blog idea processing. The integration uses a second zap to send the information recorded in this checklist back into Evernote to be attached to the original Evernote note. You can find more uses for Evernote in our article on Evernote templates.

All data entered into this checklist will be recorded in the template overview tab for future reference. 

Enter the initial idea

If you are using the zap found in our Process Street + Evernote integration article, your idea can be found in this text box. If you are running the checklist without that zap, use the form field below to enter your blog article idea.


Expand on areas which might be interesting

Try to answer the following questions as clearly as you can. 

This will help you assess the quality of the idea and hopefully provide you with the necessary structure to start thinking in more depth about article content. 

Gain feedback from the team

Use this section for your team to give you feedback. 

If you want to discuss the idea in a meeting then you may only need one feedback form field below. 

If you want to assign this task to the members of your team for each to respond individually then you could provide a form field labeled with the name of each team member. 

This will allow you to collate the advice from across your team to help you find the best direction for the article. 

Summarize the potential article

Include your ideas here for how the article might appear. 

Think about the key areas you might want to write about and what points you could make for each. 

Include any other tangential sections which may or may not make it into the final article. 

This doesn't have to be perfect. 

Find appropriate keywords


Use these form fields to record 5 different possible keywords to target. 

Included for each keyword is a section to record the metrics for the keyword, including any relevant notes.  

You can read more about effective keyword research strategies in this article about the keyword research process.

Enter final keyword and rough outline

Enter the results of your ideation process in the form fields below. 

Begin the blog article creation process

Complete this task to trigger the zap to store the details of this checklist in a shared Evernote folder if you have set up the zap found in our Process Street + Evernote integration article.

You can now begin the blog article creation process. 

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