8 Ways to Use Task Assignments in Process Street


Running a business is complex, especially when it’s unclear who is responsible for what.

To move your business from an informal organization to a well oiled machine, you need processes. There’s no getting around them.

We built Process Street to solve that problem, and have just launched a new feature that lets you assign tasks to specific members of your organization…

This makes processes way more useful because you can add accountability to your business systems.

In this post, I’m going to go through some use cases you might want to try based on real processes we’ve put together at Process Street.

Task assignments are the best way to break up processes and make your team responsible for their specific duties, like this:


Task assignments can either be done per template (assign the same people to tasks in every checklist) or on the fly (assign people to tasks as needed).

Check the gif below to see it in action:

As with any new feature, there are tons of ways to use it. Need some ideas to get you started?

Add the head of department into your employee onboarding process

It’s rare that processes can be run through from start to finish without any kind of hand off, especially if they’re complex like employee onboarding.

With task assignments, you can now add mentors, department heads, HR staff and other key players to the process to make sure everyone knows what they’re responsible for.

Bring in an audio editor for your podcast publishing process

When you’re putting out regular episodes of a podcast, you need to have your processes in order. In my experience with the Business Systems Explored podcast and my own efforts, everybody needs to be 100% responsive, ready, and assigned to their duties… or everything’s going to go wrong.

The different stages of our podcast publishing checklist can be broken up and assigned to assistants, editors, or marketers. Use task assignments to make sure everybody’s on the same page.

Assign content repurposing to an assistant in your content promotion process

It’s proven that repurposing is an effective strategy that can give your content more visibility across different platforms. For example, you can turn a blog post into a video, slideshow, PDF file, or even a string of tweets.

Using our content promotion checklist, you can assign assistants or designers to repurpose your content and get more exposure.

Add new team members to the Process Street user guide to train them

Are your team struggling with a particular Process Street feature? It’s a great idea to run a checklist from the Process Street User Guide and assign your team to tasks to make them accountable.

You could even make our user guide part of your employee onboarding process to ensure everybody gets up to speed with the tools you use as quickly as possible.

Hand off the client onboarding process

Onboarding a new client is delicate work. You want to make sure the stage is set for a valuable relationship, and so using a checklist is the most foolproof way to do it.

Add account managers to tasks like the kick-off call, assign reports to assistants, or even add in your office cleaner to come and tidy up reception to prepare for the client’s arrival.

Add your QC team to your software testing process

As we’ve looked at before on the Process Street blog, testing is a vital part of development and accountability plays a huge part.

Build that accountability into your process by assigning tasks to testers and asking them to report back inside Process Street.

Use the template below to get started:

Assign an editor to check your content before you launch your website

Launching a website? There’s more to it than making sure the code itself doesn’t break. Assign your content writer or copy editor to the checklist below to make them responsible for checking your site’s copy before making embarrassing mistakes when you decide to launch.

You could also do the same thing for the whole team working on the launch; a designer to make the favicon, marketers to approve the SEO, and data wizards to set up proper analytics.

Task your family with specific duties in your house cleaning checklist

Task assignments aren’t just relevant in the business world. You can assign your children and significant other tasks to do around the house, too. Use the cleaning checklist below to divide up the weekly cleaning duties and make everything a little more manageable.

Assign property listing in your real estate sales process

With the pressure of viewings, staging, and negotiating, realtors should delegate tasks to avoid burnout.

Listing a property is basically filling out a form on a web page, so can be easily delegated to a junior staff member. Use the real estate sales process checklist below to take the data entry out of your job, and focus on making the sale.

Need more help with your business processes?

Here are some resources you should check out that will help you get started:

Now you’ve got the inspiration, it’s time you learned to implement it. If you’re stuck, go check out our help article on task assignments, or shoot an email over to [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help!

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