What is Boomtown?

Boomtown is a CRM software program purely for leads that provides a website that is very search and user friendly and easy for potential clients to navigate.  Our website is

Leads are generated both through paid PPC campaigns, as well as through organic search results

Boomtown also has a back-end platform that is used for distributing, managing, converting, and nurturing leads.  The website to login to to this part of the platform is called Lead Central.

This platform is most successful used in conjunction and subsidized with a lender.  Obviously this lender is our preferred lender and they work collaboratively with in managing the process from lead origination to contract closing.

Add agent into Boomtown (ADMIN TASK)

Assign Boomtown text phone number to agent (ADMIN TASK)

Complete Profile

Make sure all fields are completed, including:
  • Will agent be using a virtual number? (google voice)
  • Contact info
  • Awards, Designations
  • Complete professional bio
  • Email Signature

Put agent website url on contact info smartsheet (ADMIN TASK)

Add a boomtown phone number

Click here to go to Boomtown Instructions.

Set up mobile notifications

Click here for additional help.

Familiarize yourself with

Our primary lead generation website is  Each agent also has their own page, which is "firstname"

Leads from this website are generated both from PPC campaigns and organic SEO.

Familiarize yourself with the mobile version of our website

Our BoomTown website has a mobile version that gives leads the ability to search for homes with ease while on the go. Visitors even have the ability to search for nearby properties according to their current location. They can then obtain driving directions to those properties using the map functionality on their phone. As with your BoomTown website, your mobile version is packed full of great features like full details pages for each listing, easy to navigate photos, and calls to action.

To access your website on your mobile device, enter your website URL,, into your mobile web browser. 

In order to have quick access to your mobile site, bookmark the site in your phone. You can select "add to app homescreen" to receive the shortcut icon.

Click here for more information. 

Register as a lead on agent's personal site

Agent Website Address

Your main company website address looks something like Agent websites have the same top-level domain name as the company site, but the third-level domain is personalized, replacing the "www." with the agent's name, resulting in a URL like  Most often the Broker will choose to personalize agent websites using the first name only, however this varies between teams. Check out a live example of an agent webpage at

In your BoomTown account, you can locate the web address for your agent website under “My Settings” and "My Profile" inside the “Agent Website” box. 

NOTES: If you own another domain name that you would like to redirect to your BoomTown agent website, this is something we can set up for you.
Lead Registration & Agent Assignment

Agents- be sure to use your personal agent website address so you’ll get the leads you've earned!

Unregistered site visitors who register while on an agent website will automatically be assigned to that agent.  This is true regardless of whether the agent is currently in rotation to receive leads.  That way, an agent's personal marketing efforts (business cards, mailers, etc.) will generate leads specifically for himself or herself. 

Make sure mobile notifications work on your phone

After you register yourself as a lead on YOUR personal agent page "firstname", you should receive a text and email notification that you have a new lead.

If you didn't get this notification, double check that you registered on your page and double check your mobile settings in boomtown.


Sales Pipeline in Boomtown Infographic

An Introduction to Lead Central & Lead Categories

Please watch this video:

Click here: Lead Central



Track 1: Agent Training

Lead Central

Please watch this video:

Click here: Lead Central

Manually Adding Leads in Lead Central

Manually Add a Lead

1. Login to Boomtown.

2. Click the Menu icon from the upper-left side.

3. Click Add a Lead. Or go to

    You may also click on the Add a lead link from the bottom of the page.

4. Fill up the form.

5. Click Add Lead.

New Opportunity Wall

Please watch this video:

Click here: New Opportunity Wall

Best-Fit Leads: Match Leads to Listings


New Leads

It's important that new leads are followed up within 5 minutes. The tasks that you will need to do with each lead follow the columns in the list view.  These all can be done from the contact view, as well as from mobile devices.

  • Call the lead
  • Based on the results of your conversation, change the lead to the appropriate category.
  • Click the phone button and log the results of the call
  • If you didn't get them on the phone, send them a text msg through Boomtown
  • Make sure they are set up on an Auto-Drip according to their CATEGORY (ex. "10 Days of Pain" if they are a "Qualify," "Hot Plan" if the are a "Hot" buyer, etc. You can preview the plan before you apply it.
  • Set a To-Do if there is a specific task you need to do in the future.
  • Set up an E-Alert with their specific criteria
These are the different categories on how we classify leads and the definitions of the symbols. It is IMPERATIVE that you change this category as the status changes so that we can tell that the lead has been followed up with, internal reports, and so you can prioritize your follow-up and stay organized.
This is the list view, but you may click on the name and get the full lead profile. You may also be looking at the lead on your mobile device, and you can click on the phone link, and it will dial the number.
It's very important that you log the results of the call. Make sure to mark if it's a wrong number. We have resources to look for additional contact information.
The dropdown has several choices to make this quick. Add notes if you need to. You can also notify the lender.
Boomtown has text templates and you can also create your own.

Click here for more information.

More information on texting leads is located here.

A Smart-Drip is a relationship building campaign that is personal and is meant to engage and nurture the relationship. They have a smart trigger feature. Make sure you understand what that does.

Learn more about Smart-Drip features here.

If you have a specific task you need to do or if you want to schedule follow-up for a specific date, create a To-Do for yourself.
Boomtown can help you manage your To-Do's and keep your follow up organized.
Every lead should have an e-alert set up. If they don't, you need to set one up. If the system can create an e-alert based on their searching habits, it will try.If there is an e-alert, look at it and make sure it matches the criteria they mentioned during your communication. Boomtown will designate how the e-alert was created. Multiple alerts can be set up for each lead.

Typical Routine

Developing a routine and consistent habits is really the key to selling a significant amount of real estate and having a steady stream of business.  It helps you avoid the roller coaster of real estate and have a reliable income.

This doesn't require that you're extremely regimented and disciplined.  This means just controlling the first couple hours of your day and making sure you are aware of your priorities and tackle them first.

If you spend the first couple hours of your day tackling your leads in this order, your afternoons, evenings, weekends will be filled with the most important activities and appointments.

Here is a guide that you can use as a daily model.


If you were a professional athlete or musician, you would not start a game or performance without warming up and getting your mind focused and in a productive state of mind.  The most successful agents are no different.  Almost every single one I now makes this a part of their daily routine.  

This doesn't have to be a lengthy, excruciating task.  Listening to scripts and motivational audio on your way to work will help you get the process started.  Even if no one is around to roleplay with, you can watch videos on Youtube or practice by yourself.

But you don't want to practice on your live people.  This may end up being the most expensive practice sessions you've ever had.  If you miss an opportunity or flub up your conversation, it could literally be thousands of dollars lost in potential commissions.  

Start your day prepared!


Obviously, you're going to respond to new leads as they come to you throughout the day- within 5 minutes of receiving the lead.


These should be reviewed first.

Any hot leads should have an appointment set at any given time.  Even if you're not sure what properties you're going to show them.  You'll figure it out before your appointment!  Appointments can be a few different things, but are all designed to move the buyer forward in the sales process.

  • Buyer Consultation
  • Lender appt to get prequalified (there may be a rare occasion where you actually need to attend 
  • Showing Properties
  • Writing offers
  • Re-evaluating criteria
  • Strategic re-grouping meeting to regain perspective on the market, offer amounts, etc.

As a reminder, Qualify leads are those leads where you HAVE made a contact attempt, but have been unable to determine, or "Qualify" what their motivation and timeframe are.  These ideally should be contacted multiple times a day with different contact methods, but at a minimum of at least once a day.

Pay attention to when they registered and whether they registered through their computer or mobile device.  Also, look and see when they're checking their emails and looking at properties.  This may give you an indication as to when the best time of day and method would be to contact them.


The Opportunity Wall is one your biggest assets to make sure none of the leads slip through the cracks. It will prioritize follow-up for you based on a lead's recent activity. If a lead has been looking at the same property 14 times, you should call them and see if they'd like to schedule a showing!

You may not want to call every single lead.  And if you are already 100% certain of their circumstances, you can "snooze" them from the Opportunity Wall for a period of time.  But sometimes it's very effective to "check in" by text message, email or voicemail or engage them by mentioning properties they're interested in or new ones on the market.

There may be times when circumstances change for your buyer and you're unaware.  Maybe the job transfer moved up earlier than you thought, and they haven't let you know.  They could be categorized as a watch and completely of your radar!  The Opportunity Wall keeps tabs on all of the activities and helps create a tighter net for retaining these leads and converting more of them to sales.


As a reminder, Nurture leads are those that will be ready in 3-6 months.  Unless you have a specific task scheduled for them or they appear on the Opportunity Wall, they only need to be contacted every 2-3 weeks.


As a reminder, Watch leads are those that are long-term prospects.  Unless you have a specific task scheduled for them or they appear on the Opportunity Wall, they only need to be contacted once a month.

Lead Categories and Key to Symbols

Lead Sheet

Attached is a Buyer Lead Sheet that is helpful in qualifying potential leads.

Knowledge Base

This is where the Knowledge Base is located.  
A great resource for more training and tools to learn and understand Boomtown better.

Boomtown Playbook

For those who want to be truly successful in Boomtown.  The Boomtown Playbook is an in-depth manual to really takes your Boomtown experience to the next level.


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