Pre-Event Marketing

  • 1
    Write down quantitative outcome measure for the event (Budget, leads, conversions)
  • 2
    Finalise date and venue with Likkesh
  • 3
    If external venue , get the price quotes and confirm with Shreekala
  • 4
    Get topic and schedule with Acads team
  • 5
    Confirm speakers / faculty for the event
  • 6
    Validate event schedule calendar & Marketing plan with Arun
  • 7
    Put a print out of event schedule calendar in Arun’s cabin
  • 8
    Write content for email, landing pages
  • 9
    Review content by Arun
  • 10
    Design the landing page, and infusionsoft forms and payment links in PayU money
  • 11
    Reach out to designer for the creatives on social media.
  • 12
    Get a poster designed for the event, print it and put it up at the Center
  • 13
    Design and Print the Marketing collaterals & goody bag (discount coupons, B-school info, gits) etc
  • 14
    Update Website event page with the details
  • 15
    Feature event on external event sites like Explara, Book my show, Mera events
  • 16
    Send announcement email to all students (excluding current)
  • 17
    Send announcement email to all prospects in last 1 year
  • 18
    Schedule the 3-email sequence to those who are tagged for the event
  • 19
    Send 3 SMS announcement blasts. Schedule it 5 days, 3 days and 1 day before event
  • 20
    Create a facebook campaign with 2 variation (lead gen form Vs Landing page)
  • 21
    Create a facebook event and promote it to increase visibilty
  • 22
    Create a page specific pop-up to show the event details.
  • 23
    Create google builder url for social media sharing & tracking traffic
  • 24
    Posts to be made in all Linkedin groups that are relevant
  • 25
    Write a PR article that can be posted on Event listing sites
  • 26
    Create tweet calendar with different images and posts
  • 27
    Post on Google+ brand page
  • 28
    Ask Operations to update Classroom PPT about the event
  • 29
    Ask students to post on external forums about the event
  • 30
    Update signature on GMAT Club, PG and BTG to have the link of the event
  • 31
    Post on the CrackVerbal forum about the event
  • 32
    Schedule a bi-weekly meeting between Sales and Marketing to discuss number of leads / conversions
  • 33
    Get a confirmation on the attendee number and decide the status of the event (Go or Not Go signal)
  • 34
    Get confirmation from the faculty / speakers one day before the event
  • 35
    Send the reminder email and SMS 1 hour before the event starts

Marketing during the Event

  • 1
    Distribute the attendance sheet
  • 2
    Click photos during the event
  • 3
    Post live updates on FB and Twitter about the event and share the pictures
  • 4
    Distribute the collateral to attendees
  • 5
    Distribute gifts to the speakers (in case any)
  • 6
    Get a PR cover for the event
  • 7
    Write summary of the event
  • 8
    Get the feedback forms filled
  • 9
    Take some student review videos

Post-Event Marketing

  • 1
    Send thank you mail to attendees along with any collateral that was promised
  • 2
    Write a blog about the event and publish it
  • 3
    Send the miss you mail with the link to blog about the event.
  • 4
    Update the events page and video library with video
  • 5
    Post the video on youtube along with appropriate titles
  • 6
    Send a survey mail to those who are tagged but did not attend the event
  • 7
    Send an email with validation of the quantitative measures decided for the event

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