A daily standup meeting, or scrum, is a short check-in meeting that happens in the morning of each business day. Its purpose is to find out the results of the previous day's work, to get each team member to plan their day, and to give everyone the chance to get help with anything they're stuck on.

This checklist will help you track attendance, note down any blockers, review your team's progress, and run the meetings in a structured way.

Use the sub-checklists and text fields to keep notes as you go through the meeting.

Record the meeting details

First you need to record the date of the meeting for future reference. Do so using the form field below.


  • 1
    [Team member name 1]
  • 2
    [Team member name 2]
  • 3
    [Team member name 3]
  • 4
    [Team member name 4]
  • 5
    [Team member name 5]

If there are absent team members, please make note of why.


Each update should be quick, and cover these 3 points:

  1. What did you do yesterday?
  2. What will you do today?
  3. Are there any impediments in your way?

Does anyone want to kick anything out?

Issues to kick out:

Make sure everyone has scheduled their weekly call

Has everyone scheduled their weekly call?

You can find the schedule here: [Include a link to a spreadsheet or calendar with weekly one-on-ones]

Make sure all PRs are accounted for

Review the PRs in the following repositories:

  • [link to repository 1]
  • [link to repository 2]
  • ...

Ensure that all the branches are accounted for and make sure none of have been orphaned from previously closed issued.

Burndown Chart

Review the Burndown Chart and discuss any changes.

Staging Review

Review the issues in the Staging/QA column in JIRA. Filter JIRA by the assigned members and go through everybody's issues one by one.

If anyone has anything on staging that has been presented to the team, it should be done so now.

Does anyone have any 5-8 pointers to discuss?

Try to give some background about the issue and what you plan to do to implement it.

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