Welcome to Process Street!

Welcome to Process Street!

Process Street is a SaaS platform for process management that makes high-growth companies more efficient by keeping processes consistent and easy to follow. It's used by LinkedIn, Cisco, Sheraton, Air Asia, H&R Block, and other companies all around the world.

This checklist has an overview of all the tools we are using at Process Street, and guides you through setting the tools up, tackling an issue in JIRA, and learning how we do each stage of the development process.

Set Up Communication Tools:

There are a few tools we use for communication. Since we are a remote team, it's nice to put a face to the name so please update your profile photos for the following communication tools.

Email Account

An administrator should assign you a process.st email account.

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Slack brings all your communication together in one place. It's real-time messaging, archiving and search for modern teams. We use Slack everyday at Process Street to communicate with the team.

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Skype is great for longer conversations with teammates.

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TeamViewer is PC remote control/remote access software. This is great to use if a team member needs to help, or something is easier done by taking control of the person's computer.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is used for the daily scrum meeting.

Set Up Developer Tools:

This section details developer-specific tools.

Get added to process.st organization on GitHub

An administrator should invite you to the process.st organization on Github.

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JIRA offers flexible issue and project tracking with agile tooling for software teams. We use JIRA at Process Street for all issue tracking and as a Kanban board. An administrator should set you up with an account.

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Set up your development environment

These IDEs are used by Process Street developers and can be downloaded here: https://www.jetbrains.com/products.html?fromMenu

Here is the checklist showing how to set them up:


Set-up IntelliJ IDEA

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    Add Scala plugin
  • 2
    Add Scalafmt plugin
  • 3
    Add JavaScript plugin
  • 4
    Add AngularJS plugin
  • 5
    Add ESLint plugin
  • 6
    Add SCSSLint plugin

Download Scala Plug-in

If you just downloaded IntelliJ , first you have to install the Scala plug-in in order to change its preferences.

If you have downloaded process-street from GitHub, you can open the Process Street project and open a Scala file, and it will prompt you to do this step.

You can also download it under Plugins and search Scala.

Authorize CircleCI for Github

CircleCI is flexible to run in your environment and scale with your growth. Have peace of mind by reducing bugs and improving the quality of your app.

You need to be logged into your Github account and authenticate Circle CI


Authorize CodeCov for Github

We use Codecov for continuous integration. It shows how much test coverage process.st has:


Daily Scrum

Every day the development team scrums at 9am PST. Here is the link to Google Hangouts:


Your First Issue:

Check JIRA for your issue and start one

Create a branch with issue number in title

Update from process-street/front-street

Check your work in different browsers

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  • 3
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    Internet Explorer

You can also use a cross-browser testing tool like Browserling or CrossBrowserTesting.

Check on mobile

You can use mobiReady to test a site on mobile.

Complete Pull Request Procedure

Every pull request should follow this procedure:


Check GitHub and Circle CI

It's nice to check Github and make sure Circle Ci is running. However you don't need to wait for Circle Ci to finish before assigning a review.

If it fails, complete the Review Failed Procedure

If your review fails, complete this checklist


Install Back-End Tools:

Postico - PostgreSQL Mac Client

Postico is a PostgreSQL client for Mac. Postico will look familiar to anyone who has used a Mac before. Just connect to a database and begin working with tables and views. 


Features that aren't ready to be released yet are hidden behind a developer flag. In order to add this to your database you can use the following sql commands:

update users set developer = true where email = '[email protected]';

Check that it's true:

select email, developer from users where email = '[email protected]';

Papertrail - Cloud Hosted Log Management

Sequel Pro - MySQL Mac Client

Set Up Other Tools:

Here are some other tools that you may or may not use for your work.

Mixpanel - Mobile & Web Analytics

Intercom - Customer Communication Platform

Intercom is our in-app chat with customers, and is used for customer communications and analytics.


Trello - Project Management

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